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The X-Files Season 11 Episode 5 Review: Ghouli

The X-Files Review: Ghouli

Scully and Mulder catch a case that they believe will reconnect them with William on The X-Files Season 11 Episode 5. Are they on the right track?
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The X-Files Season 11 Episode 3 Review: Plus One

The X-Files Review: Plus One

What looks like a simple case of doppelgangers offing their others on The X-Files Season 11 Episode 3 turns out to be something much more sinister and silly!
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My name is Carl Gerhard Bush, and I've been known by many aliases...

Cigarette Smoking Man

Mulder: It's the Mandela Effect.
Reggie: The what?
Mulder: The Mandela Effect, when someone has a memory that doesn't coincide with everyone else's or the facts, so named because some people have a memory that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the '80s when in fact he died a free man in 2013.
Reggie: No. It's called the Mengele Effect because people have the memory of Josef Mengele being apprehended in Ohio in 1970, so it's the Mengele Effect.
Mulder: The Mandela Effect has been an internet meme for almost a decade. It's ALWAYS been called that.
Reggie. Eh, see? You're having a Mengele Effect about the Mandela Effect.