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Damon begged Jules for a cure for Rose's wolf bite this week, but the latter simply talked trash about the awful, inevitable death in store for Damon's new friend. And she wasn't kidding, either:

Rose had a fever, she hallucinated, she killed innocent people. In the end, Damon had to put her out of her misery and drive a stake through her heart. This affected him greatly, as he was driven to drink and approach a random woman at the end of the episode. He admitted to her that he missed being human - and then he bit into her neck.


- Stefan is trying to acclimate himself to vervain. He also wants to get in touch with Isobel so he can learn about Klaus. But after trying a number Alaric gave him for her, Stefan tracks down John instead. Elena's father says hello to her near the end of the hour.

- Both Matt and Tyler kiss Caroline. Supernatural love triangle alert!

- Jules tells Tyler she wants to help and protect him, that other werewolves are on the way and that Caroline lied: there are many vampires in town, and they are responsible for Mason's death.

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Jacqueline Elena Salvatore - I thought that the only way to cure her was to kill her at that point....In that case Jules didn't lie...

David and sabrina 2014

This episode sure had wild twists and turns over Rose's werewolf bite. It seems sad for Damon to lose his girl but sadly, she never came back in the show which shows that Jules lied to Damon. There will be more werewolves approaching and the Salvatore brothers have to be aware and super alert to see what will come up. Some events may be shocking but I love watching this show extremely much. =) XD =P?


This episode was soo good, it really made me sad when damon killed rose, that whole sceene was amazing, and toiching also when delena hug and damon was crying i was like awwww but i sobbed at the end when damon was drunk and confessing his feelings that reeeeeeeeeally got to me :(


dear dr.pepper cancer twilight sucks! and there's way too much drama. And what's with edward huh? Salvatores brother is way more handsome. and twilight is the poser!


dear dr pepper cancer,
if you have nothing nice to say then dont say it because a lot of people do like the show and have got something nice to say.
and F.Y.I. the book series which this is based on was out before the Twilight books.


I'm a Delena Shipper, Damon is SO HOT


china doesn‘t have 12 now is 1.27 2011


Wow what a gay show. Only fags watch it. Poser Twilight. Twilight is poser Blade, so that makes it a double poser show.


Damon needs to be loved. Someone like Elena, it would be nice if Delena would really exist.:)


Delena belong together and that is true love.I don't like Rose she gets in between Damon and elena

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

He's an Original. I don't really know what that means.


Elena: Don't ruin the moment. You're about to ruin the moment, aren't you?
Stefan: I'm totally ruining the moment.