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Most of this episode was built around the escalating vampire/werewolf war, as Jules took Caroline hostage and the former's pal, Brady, tortured her at length until Stefan showed up with Tyler. He had been trying to explain to the new wolf that their kinds didn't need to be enemies.

But all Hell broke loose when they showed up in the woods to make the exchange. Jules called on a slew of werewolf pals, Damon joined the fight and chaos ensued. Our favorite siblings were about to be killed when Jonas showed up with a curse. It paralyzed the werewolves. He told Stefan he was fulfilling Elijah's promise of keeping Elena's loved ones safe until Klaus showed up.

While this was taking place, Tyler hesitated about letting Caroline out of her cage. He eventually did so, but such hesitation caused Caroline to later get tough with him and tell him off.

As a result, a confused Tyler found comfort in Jules and Brady. He told them about the moonstone.


- John tried to make nice with Elena. He said she could trust him and he knew he could never replace her parents. But the episode then ended with him at the tomb, telling Katherine he was working on a way to get her out.

- Damon continued down his path of self-pity. He befriended a reporter named Andie Starr and ended up in the bathtub with her, compelling her to relax and listen to his confessions, only to soon bite her as the pair made sweet, hypnotized love.

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David and sabrina 2014

This episode was sure filled of so many mysteries filled with many questions and answers. It may have been a wild werewolf frenzy but strange for John being a mysterious warlock but not cool that he wanted to free Katherine. Damon seems to have a strange personality everytime when he found another pretty girl to fall for and compell her. There may be some strange people in the show but I still love it very much. XD =) =D


I was so right there was a fight seen.


Really can't wait for this next episode! I'm lovin' it �

Angel 96

i have to wait till Tuesday to see the episode, im gutted


The wait is over TVD tonight!!!!


I just can't wait for the next episode!! Yaaaaaaaay!!


Can't wait for tomorrow this episode is going to be great!!!
I hope Jules dies she makes me mad.


In one of the promos for this ep. there was a short peek at Damon in a bath with candle light and bubbles. Yay! I can hardly wait to see him bare his soul! (Even if it is to a compelled girl)


awww i so hope that tyler and caroline get together they make such a cute couple. i hate jules she's sooooooo evil!
gonna be a great episode :)


Jules takes a hostage? Probably Caroline because on the promo I saw Caroline get locked in a cage. And Damon is going to sleep with, most likely, Andie Star, but I read something about Andie not making an appearance until "The Dinner Party."
I hope Jules dies, I hope Damon and Elena kiss and I hope everything gets better than it is. IF it can possibly get any better than it already is.
Poor Rose and my poor baby Damon! The Descent was a sad episode.

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Jenna: What the Hell?
John: Good morning to you, Jenna. Alaric.

John: Coffee?
Elena: We did that last night. No more avoiding.