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Wendy Scott-Carr was hired as the special prosecutor this week and approached Diane. She made it clear the State Attorney's office was going directly after Will for judicial bribery, which led to Diane confronting Will with that information and demanding he stop seeing Alicia.

Elsewhere, Alicia changed the locks and told off Jackie. She also offered to get Zach a car so he could drive himself to his father's.

We learned for sure that Cary was sleeping with Dana; and Eli came up against a formidable opponent in the form of Stacie Hill, a rival lobbyist played by Amy Sedaris. She got the best of him in a matter of the new FDA pyramid and representing various industries, such as cheese, within it.


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I especially love this show's portrayal of military culture.
Warfare seems to have gotten so mechanical, hygienic. Kudos to the writers for showing us this hidden world--a real eye-opener to this Canadian.
My wife and I just love this series. Bravo!


I love how TV always has court martials in fine oak paneled courtrooms. The fact of the matter is court martials are usually held in any room large enough to accommodate all parties involved be it a conference room or a gym. Secondly, if the defense didn't like the judge for any reason, they could have her, or any member of the panel, replaced just by asking.


With each new show, I marvel at the webs these writers, Robert & Michelle King, spin. Where did they spring from suddenly? American TV has usually paled in comparison to Brits' Masterpiece Theater, but now with the Kings' Good Wife on Sundays, I have to Tivo one or the other to get both! Alan Cummings is working both competing sides. . .how fitting for his Eli Gold persona. . LOL! Anyway, the latest examples of the good script has Diane and Will huddling in their stark office courtyard . . .Diane is riveting with her intense ultimatum to Will to drop his affair with Alicia. . .and then the long overhead shot of them as Will spins and hits the building is soooo real. Then Alicia's lashing out at Jackie Florrick couldn't have been any more cathartic for us daughter or son in-laws who had to face head-on our overbearing mother-in-laws. Kudos to the Kings who are very perceptive observers of human nature. Luv y'all!


Let's see, who is the "loverboy lowlife"? Oh right, that would be lying, cheating, scumbag PETER, who shtupped whores and others repeatedly all through his marriage -- not kind and gentle Will, who has always loved Alicia, and who only started an affair with her after she had separated from the rat. And like Will said, which one of them has been in prison? Oh yeah, that would be Peter too! Two consenting adults can do whatever they damn well please, in their private lives. Anyone who doesn't like it should be told to go to hell. It's none of their damned business.


Its time to grow up and close your legs the party is about to get busted, it only takes a phone call to the right person on the inside and loverboy will become a castrated lowlife for his time in the big house. I would love to have the writers tackle this one.