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The Good Wife Season 3

"The Dream Team"

Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning team up on the season finale of The Good Wife. Their aim? Bankrupt the firm.

"The Penalty Box"

David Paymer returns this week as Judge Cuesta. He gets stuck in the middle of a case involved Alicia, Diane and Cary.

"Pants on Fire"

Alicia counsels a client this week regarding a plea deal, but she gets distracted by Peter and his newest rival for Governor.

"Blue Ribbon Panel"

Matthew Perry makes his first appearance on The Good Wife this week, playing a lawyer in charge of a blue ribbon panel.

"Gloves Come Off"

Michael J. Fox is back on The Good Wife this week. He reprises the fun role of Louis Canning.

"Long Way Home"

Alicia defends Colin Sweeney against sexual misconduct claims, while Peter searches for who had sex on his couch on The Good Wife.

"After the Fall"

Mamie Gummer is back on this episode of The Good Wife. She reprises the role of attorney Nancy Crozier.

"Live From Damascus"

Rita Wilson is back on The Good Wife this week. She's representing a software company and going at it with Lockhart/Gardner.

"Another Ham Sandwich"

Eli vies with Stacie Hall again on The Good Wife this week, while Wendy Scott Carr presents her case to the grand jury.

"Finding Mr. Bitcoin"

Jason Biggs guest stars on The Good Wife this week as a lawyer. He hires Lockhart/Gardner to defend him in a case, while Kalinda is faced with a difficult decision.

"Alienation of Affection"

F. Murray Abraham guest stars on The Good Wife this week. He appears on an episode that finds an ex-couple suing Lockhart/Gardner.

"What Went Wrong"

Alicia deals with a few consequences on this episode of The Good Wife, as she also searches for a way to have a surprising judgement thrown out.

"Parenting Made Easy"

Things get personal for Alicia this week on The Good Wife, as she can't get a hold of Grace.

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

Alicia and Will argue a case in front of a military judge this week. Elsewhere, Eli has a confidence problem and Diane issues an ultimatum.

"Death Row Trip"

Chris Matthews stops by The Good Wife this week, while Alicia questioned her views on the death penalty. Two characters also kissed!

"Executive Order 13224"

On The Good Wife, Alicia goes up against the US Government to protect her client and Peter digs up dirt on Will. How far is Peter willing to go to take down his romantic and professional rival?

"Affairs of State"

Welcome to The Good Wife, Parker Posey. Viewers meet Eli's ex-wife this week.

"Marthas and Caitlins"

Kalinda and Eli continue to work together this week. Elsewhere, Alicia and Diane team up with Celeste Serrano and the former visits an old foe.

"Feeding the Rat"

Harvey Fierstein guest stars as a judge this week. The case for Lockhart/Gardner involved a crime witness growing into a prime suspect.

"Get a Room"

Lisa Edelstein debuts on The Good Wife this week. She comes on board as a woman from Will's past.

"The Death Zone"

Eddie Izzard guest stars on this episode of The Good Wife. He plays a lawyer for Great Britain's Queen Council.

"The New Day"

What will the repercussions be of Will sleeping with Alicia? We begin to find out on the third season premiere.

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