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Shaun tried to help Glassman when he realized he was unwell, but Glassman lashed out and Shaun left. 

Shaun also tried to get along with Lea's new man, but he went a little bit too far. Lea later tried to help out with everything and told Shaun he had to push Glassman. 

When Shaun returned to Glassman, he tried to find him, and he was being sick at the toilet. 

- Shaun and Morgan treated a woman with a rare brain condition, and autism. The woman wanted to have sex with her roomie to calm her down, but the doctors put her on lockdown as an increase in blood pressure could kill her. 

The operation was a success and the woman realized she wanted to date her roomie. 

- A woman with a mechanical heart caused problems when her daughter showed up to find that she had been replaced by another woman. 

After a lot of family backstory, the mother and daughter put their differences aside, and fixed everything. 

- Lim and Neil got ready to have sex in the elevator, but Andrews showed up, confirming that they would be duking it out for the title of Chief of Surgery. 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Melendez: Hello.
Lim: Hello. Don’t be stupid.
Melendez: There’s no cameras in here.

Morgan: It’s weird. They act like a couple, right?
Shaun: Yeah, I live with Lea, but we’re not a couple.
Morgan: Yeah, but you want to be a couple.