Olivia: I never wanted to be a doctor. But every time I tried to say so my parents and professors and you pushed me and encouraged me til I backed down. So I knew if I got fired, there was no way you could pep-talk me back into a career I don't want.
Andrews: Livvie...
Olivia: I don't want to be important or successful. I just want to be myself. But I don't even know who that is. So the only way I can find out is if I burn my bridges behind me.

Woman: He killed someone?
Park: It was 20 years ago, and it was a complicated case.
Woman: I don't want to save someone like that.
Morgan: You wouldn't. You'd be saving an innocent woman.
Woman: I understand. But I don't want my kidney in a murderer.

Olivia: I'm fine.
Andrews: That's a sure indication that someone's not fine.
Olivia: I suck at this. I froze up, almost killed the patient. I always freeze up and Lim knows it. I feel like an imposter.
Andrews: It's a stressful job. Patient is a jerk, get used to it. Chief of staff doesn't respect you, prove yourself to her. If you're gonna be successful as a surgeon, you've got to develop a thicker skin.
Olivia: My skin is fine. I'm not -
Andrews: Suck it up and get back to work.

Claire: He lied, cheated and stole just to get himself on a Wheaties box.
Shaun: He didn't steal the money. He gave it all to charity.
Claire: That doesn't matter. He should be in prison, not in our OR.
Olivia: Can we do that? Refuse to treat a patient?
Claire: We refuse treatment all the time to patients who are non-compliant.
Lim: What's going on? This isn't the first patient who's lied to you.
Claire: He didn't just lie about not smoking or drinking. He weaponized empathy and used it to become a national hero. How does that not piss you off?
Lim: It does. But I can be pissed off and still be professional. Get him prepped for surgery.

Jamie: Am I too sick to have the transplant?
Morgan: No, you're fine. [to donor] But you're not. You have fatty liver disease from alcohol use. It's minor, but it does mean you can't be a liver donor.
Donor: Isn't a fatty liver better than nothing?
Morgan: It wouldn't be safe for either of you.
Jamie: Thank you for trying to help me. I'm sorry you're sick too.
Morgan: Your kidney is fine, though. Would you be willing to be a kidney donor.
Donor: Yes, but how does that help Jamie?
Morgan: You just might be able to save two lives with one kidney.

Shaun: So I have an interesting patient. He says cancer made him stronger but that's impossible.
Lea: Shaun. Would you interrupt Glassman while he is doing brain surgery, offer him a sandwich, and start telling him about his day?
Shaun: That is different.
Lea: Why? Because his job is important and mine's not? You have any idea how insulting and demeaning you're being, just like every man I've ever worked under. You don't respect me.
Shaun: You can't bring sandwiches into an OR.

Jordan: I thought I had a match, but she's in Shanghai on business.
Morgan: How long is the flight?
Jordan: 11 hours. I couldn't talk her into it. She's about to close the deal of her life.
Morgan: Who talked to John Raponi? He's a firefighter, peak physical condition.
Park: I did. He was at a bar... at 3 PM. Doesn't give me high hopes that his liver will be in perfect condition.
Morgan: Not ideal but not disqualifying.
Asher: Rachel Trainer is the better option. She's local, a preschool teacher, and an extremely devout Christian.
Jordan: What makes you think her faith helps us? I'm a devout Christian and I'm not sure I'd be a live liver donor for a family member, much less a stranger.
Asher: You may be devout, but you are also selfish.

I'm a motivational speaker and therefore a professional optimist. I can handle the truth.


Lim: The surgery won't be a problem, but finding her a liver transplant might be.
Morgan: Her scores were perfect.
Lim: Shouldn't be a problem on our end, but that still leaves us competing against every liver recipient in the region. No procurement coordinator is going to discriminate against a patient with Downs Syndrome, but they are going to give a patient with a shorter life expectancy lower priority. She also lives alone and has no family.
Morgan: She worked so hard to be independent and now it's gonna be held against her?

Lea: We have a problem.
Glassman: If it's only one I'll be the happiest man alive.

Olivia: I can't get it open. My code won't work.
Claire: Well, figure it out! This patient needs a chest tube.

Morgan: Not the result we hoped for. Your labs confirmed what we saw in the ultrasound. You're in end-stage liver disease.
Woman: But I always take my medicine.
Morgan: I know. You're the most compliant patient I have. But autoimmune hepatitis can progress even with treatment. You need a liver transplant. We talked about that before, remember? But you're gonna have a fantastic team of surgeons working their tails off to get you fixed up. We're gonna get you admitted. Do you have any questions?
Woman: Someone has to die so I can live?

The Good Doctor Quotes

We all want it to be over. We're sick of ourselves and sick of each other or we're pining for someone we can't be with and we're afraid the world will never be the same again. I don't know, Shaun. I don't have a map for this. The best I can do is say be kind. Be kind to yourself and be kind to everyone else because what else is there?


Aren’t we judged by how we treat people? I don’t mean as doctors. I mean as people. Especially those who don’t have the same advantages that we have. We hire Shaun and we give hope to those people with limitations that those limitations are not what they think they are. That they do have a shot! We hire Shaun and we make this hospital better for it. We hire Shaun and we are better people for it.

Dr. Aaron Glassman