Claire: You might wanna pace yourself. We don’t even have the menu yet.
Morgan: I’ll be fine.

Lim: Hey, you don’t have to play supportive friend just because we slept together.
Melendez: I’m not playing. I’m being nice.

I’m gonna take this outside. If you want to just get the check, that’s fine with me.


Morgan: Hello, you up for mimosas? I was just about to head out to Hollanders and I thought you might wanna join me.
Claire: You thought I might want to join you for mimosas?
Morgan: Why not?
Claire: Because we don’t like each other?
Morgan: We don’t really know each other. Hollanders has the absolute best brunch in San Jose. I’ll drive. I’ll buy.
Claire: Morgan, how ‘bout you just cut to what it is you really want?
Morgan: What else are you gonna do? Sit around, play guitar, and sing into your phone?
Claire: How did you know what I was doing?
Morgan: I didn’t but that’s what your profile on a certain dating app says you like to do on your days off.
Claire: Are you stalking me?
Morgan: One mimosa and I’ll tell you the fake profile I use for oppo research. The guy I use for my pic is gorgeous, you really wanna risk swiping right on me?
Claire: I’ll drive myself.
Morgan: It’ll be fun. Meet you in an hour.

Lea: Holy crap, Shaun.
Shaun: You’re a good dancer.
Lea: No, I’m not.

I am so sorry for pushing you, but you know I am right.


Glassman: You're still here.
Lea: What did they say?
Glassman: Very kind of you. No wonder you and Shaun get along.
Lea: What did they say? Did the new tests show anything new?
Glassman: They need time to process the C.T. images, send them off to Dr. Blaize.
Lea: So you might have been wrong about your cancer coming back?
Glassman: No.
Lea: No? How can you know you're not wrong if you don't know you're not wrong?
Glassman: This is how they do it: First they tell you it might be something, and then they order new tests to test the previous tests, only to inform you it was what they said all along. Very effective way of breaking bad news.

Claire: We just saved his life and violated his rights. We should lose our licenses.
Neil: You won't, you were following the advice given by an attending.

Nurse: Dr. Murphy?
Morgan: Don't yell, it will only make it worse.
Nurse: Okay, what should I do?
Morgan: Tell him about the surgery. Give him every detail you can.

Nurse: Dr. Murphy, you need to make the cut.
Shaun: No.

I need you on your game today, Murphy.


Lim: Put your mask back on.
Reznick: Why?
Lim: I'm infected.

The Good Doctor Quotes

As a wise person once said, holding a grudge is a stone in your heart.

Dr. Jared Kalu

Why were you rude to me when we first met then nicer to me the second time we met and now you want to be my friend? Which time was it that you were pretending?

Dr. Shaun Murphy