Shaun: I don't like to be touched.
Man: Shut up.
Shaun: No.
[Man punches Shaun.]

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Claire: Shaun? Come in, tell us what you saw, what you did.
Shaun: I can't. I'm not a doctor here.
Claire: You're still a doctor, Shaun. We need to know what happened.
Shaun: I... found him like that.

Shaun: I have a question for you.
Lea: Yes. I don't mean yes. I also don't mean no. Just what is the question?
Shaun: Do I look nice?
Lea: Yes, Shaun. You look very nice.

Shaun: They're treating you for abdilamisis. That makes sense.
Man: Why are you here?
Shaun: I am a doctor. Why are you sad? I'm sad, and angry, and confused, and I don't know.

Shaun: It might be an epidural hematoma.
Neil: We heard.
Lin: Let's get a bold ICP monitor ready.
Claire: I'm on it.
Neil: Dr. Lim, how was your meeting?
Lim: I confirmed the lack of inducement or pressure. I assume you did likewise?
We are approved.
Claire: For what?
[Neil and Lim kiss.]

I want my old job back.


Shaun ... we need you in the O.R.


Any thoughts?


Claire: He's crashing. We need to get Murphy in here.
Han: We don't have time.
Neil: I'm trying to save my patient's life. Murphy has a special talent.

Shaun: Hello, Dr. Glassman.
Lea: Hi, thank you for coming. He has been doing this for two hours.
Aaron: Shaun, what are you up to?
Shaun: Alphabetizing our canned goods and checking all the expiration dates.
Aaron: Well, somebody's gotta do it.

Can you explain why you were in a patient's room, or am I going to be forced to fire you?


Okay, I think Dr. Lim's patient's diagnosis is wrong, but I can't prove it without information and I'm not allowed to talk to patients.


The Good Doctor Quotes

Melendez: I kept telling myself that I'm fine, but it's been hard. And me second guessing myself may be affecting my judgment. I don't know.
Jessica: If we're hurting so bad, maybe we made a mistake.
Melendez: No. It just means that what we had mattered. It doesn't mean that it was right.

As a wise person once said, holding a grudge is a stone in your heart.

Dr. Jared Kalu