When I used to look like a boy, I felt different. The kids at school didn't understand me so they picked on me. I spent a lot of time alone. When my parents let me be me, I felt like I didn't have to pretend anymore. I felt free, like when you're in a pool and you can just let go and float.


Dr. Isabel Barnes: Figuring it out would have meant me and a nanny raising a baby! I didn't want that.
Dr. Marcus Andrews: I tried to bring it up four years ago, but you wanted to get your practice up and running. A baby didn't fit in that picture either.

Quinn: I don't want an Adam's Apple or a deep voice or hair all over my body! You can't reverse that, can you?
Dr. Lim: No, I'm afraid not.

I'm sorry. You and I are not going to be friends. Hanging out. Having sleepovers. Braiding each other's hair.

Dr. Morgan Reznick

Doing the right thing can make things a little better, especially if we do it together.


Melendez: I kept telling myself that I'm fine, but it's been hard. And me second guessing myself may be affecting my judgment. I don't know.
Jessica: If we're hurting so bad, maybe we made a mistake.
Melendez: No. It just means that what we had mattered. It doesn't mean that it was right.

Shaun: Jared saved her life. If he hadn't acted so quickly, she would have died and that would have been your fault.
Melendez: Yes, it would have.
Shaun: You should thank him.
Melendez: Thank you, Dr. Kalu.

Nasha: I didn't expect this from you.
Shaun: I made a statement.
Nasha: But you're different.
Shaun: I have autism.
Nasha: You've experienced bigotry.
Shaun: Yes.
Nasha: Have people refused to serve you? Have you seen people change their flight because of you? Have people cursed you out before you've opened your mouth?

I put trust in them from an early age, thinking responsibility would build strength. I think it worked. But this? No, Jenny can’t be part of this in any way. It would destroy her. I’ll tell her Katie died.

Mrs. Kunkler

Dr. Ko: Yeah, I've heard about you. You're the one making the old guy nervous.
Shaun: Why would I make people nervous?
Dr. Ko: Because you have a gift and surgeons judge themselves against their peers. And right now, you're winning.

Are you a good doctor? Because when I think of you, I think you are.


Shaun: Lea makes me happy.
Claire: Lea's not the only one that can do that. I'm going to miss you.

The Good Doctor Quotes

Why were you rude to me when we first met then nicer to me the second time we met and now you want to be my friend? Which time was it that you were pretending?

Dr. Shaun Murphy

As a wise person once said, holding a grudge is a stone in your heart.

Dr. Jared Kalu