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Glassman wakes up to find Shaun there. He doesn't want Shaun putting his own life on hold for him but Shaun says he has vacation days saved up that he is using to help Glassman out. Glassman is bored and sends Shaun to get him his medication. It turns out to be medicinal marijuana and Shaun decides to try it too to see if it can help his Autism. 

Meanwhile, a girl named Molly is preparing for yet another surgery. Molly's face is badly deformed and she has had several surgeries to slowly reconstruct it over the past two years. This time it's her eyes that will be fixed.

Another girl, Karen, comes into the hospital with severe trauma after a car accident. She is unresponsive. In the OR, it is found she has both head and heart trauma. Lim decides the heart trauma is more important and Melendez agrees. But Karen dies on the table anyway.

Glassman and Shaun get high and play golf in the house and then decide to take an Uber in search of Mallomars. The Uber driver takes them to four stores and they find nothing. She feels wrong about driving two stoned guys around and suggests she calls ahead to get them a pizza and take them home. Glassman does not want to go home. He wants to get Mallomars because this girl he liked in high school ate them. The Uber driver thinks it's a good idea to help them track down whatever happened to her. Glassman thinks this is a stupid idea but the Uber driver waxes poetic about what love is like and he decides to go along with it.

Andrews talks to Shannon, Karen's mother, about the possibility of donating Karen's face to Molly. Sharon is upset by the idea and refuses, but later, she sees Molly in an elevator and changes her mind. Molly isn't sure about the operation but Claire convinces her that her identity is not bound up in her face and she agrees to it. 

The Uber driver takes Glassman to see several Robin Demains who are not the right person. Finally Glassman remembers a janitor at the high school who is still there and they head over there. The janitor, Flake, tells Shaun and the driver about how Glassman was once a star athlete who won trophies. He tells Glassman that Robyn is now married to a dentist somewhere. Shaun looks up her married name and finds that she lives 11 hours away in Portland. Glassman wants to go see her.

During Molly's operation, Lim makes a mistake and cuts an artery. Melendez tells her and Claire to take a break, as Molly's parents want to talk to Claire. Claire talks to the parents, who want to meet Shannon. Shannon tells them that it is her fault Karen died. claire reassures her it was a freak accident. Molly's dad says guilt doesn't work that way. He feels guilty about Molly's accident too even though he knows it wasn't his fault.

Melendez talks to Lim, who is angry that he backed her up in the OR because he's never done that before and she thinks it's because they're sleeping together.

The Uber driver thinks when Glassman sobers up he'll want to go home. Glassman says probably. He says he knows Robyn is there because he called and hung up a little while ago. Soon they arrive at Robyn's and he knocks on her door and she answers.

They come in and Glassman doesn't know what to say. The driver says Glassman had a crush on Robyn. He says he's here to apologize for what he wrote in her yearbook. She is confused. He says he wrote something hurtful and untrue and stupid and read what she wrote in his and felt bad. She doesn't remember it. Shaun says she had a bad haircut. She says she remembers that. Glassman says it was a long time ago but he wanted to apologize. She accepts his apology and thanks him. She gives the guys Mallomars.

In the OR, they are just about done with Molly's surgery. It appears to be working. Everyone is thrilled. They move on to the next part

Glassman and company leave. Robyn gets out her yearbook and sees that Glassman's inscription is crossed out.

Andrews comes to check on Molly. She's just waking up. She feels terrible and doesn't want to look at her new face. Claire tells her it will feel surreal at first but she'll get used to her new face eventually and that she's still the same person.

Molly looks. Andrews smiles. Molly is confused.

Lim is putting papers away and Melendez again comes to see her. He apologizes for telling her how to react to losing her patient. She tells him she has been second-guessing herself. She says their relationship has her questioning everything. Melendez thinks she's overthinking it. She says them being together changes everything and she guesses that's why there are rules against this. She doesn't want to end it.

Claire says that once Molly is feeling a little better they will set her up with a bunch of therapists. Shannon comes in to see Molly. She gives Molly photos of Karen's life and thanks Claire for making sure she was in the elevator with Molly. She wants to say goodbye to her daughter.

Glassman's house is a mess. Glassman reveals he spilled his grandmother's ashes.

Shaun asks Glassman if he feels guilty about what he said to Robyn all those years. Shaun doesn't see the point of guilt. Glassman thinks it helps us do the right thing next time. Shaun asks Glassman if he regrets meeting Robyn when he couldn't be with her? Glassman says no. Shaun says he's not okay that Lea is into Jake. Glassman tells him good night and goes upstairs.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Molly: So I'll have perfectly aligned eyes and still look like a wad of chewing gum.
Woman: Molly -
Andrews: You lost an awful lot of bone and soft tissue in the accident. And in terms of facial reconstruction, we've actually come a long way in the last two years.
Claire: And after 12 surgeries, you actually get your own personalized coffee mug.

Glassman: Shaun, did you undress me?
Shawn: Except your underpants.