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In this episode, Leslie and Ben find out the joys and hardships of working together directly and being married. At first, they both enjoy their work and home life, but when Ben doesn't like Leslie's suggestion for the farmers market, Leslie crosses some lines. In the end, they work it out and agree to communicate more clearly to another.

Meanwhile, Ann becomes increasingly frustrated by her pregnancy. She is in pain and rather than sympathizing, Chris works to try and stay positive and offers Ann solutions. This makes Ann feel irritated with Chris because all she wants is some sympathy. Ann complains in the "Whine and Cheese" club and Ron, Tom, and Donna tell Chris he needs to tell Ann "That sucks," when she complains. When he does this the next time she complains, she feels heard by him and comforted.

Finally, April supports Andy on his newest venture. Craig invites Mouserat to play at kid's party and during a Mouserat rehearsal, April breaks it to to Andy that he shouldn't sing about sex to six year olds. Once she mentions Mouserat is playing a kid's party, the other band members quit and Andy goes to play by himself. He's forced to improvise and is completely successful. He's asked to perform at another birthday party and April encourages him to keep going. 

Parks and Recreation
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