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Lucy is walking down the block. She knocks on an apartment door. A woman answers and says she doesn't need her to walk the kid to school today. The door slams in her face.

Lucy goes to Olivia's where Olivia is teaching Noah to recognize objects. She tells Olivia of her concerns.

Olivia goes to the woman's house. The woman says Luca is sick. The woman eventually lets her in and this guy and a woman grab her and hold her at gunpoint.

Olivia tells the perps that she is a cop. They take her gun and say they have a problem here. They start beating up some guy..They beat her up when she tries to negotiate with them.

Mike Dodds brought his boxing gloves. Apparently Benson is supposed to be at some conference so no one is missing her

Benson is tied up as are the other women and they are made to watch the perps beat up the husband. The perps argue about a safe. Luca's mother says Luca is tied up upstairs.

Sonny and Dodds interview a couple. The wife was almost raped, husband scared the perp off by yelling Stop Police.

The perps tie Olivia to the bed to stop her from helping the tied up little boy.

Sonny and Carisi catch the rapist and text Benson about it. The perp decides to "celebrate" by threatening one of the other girls with a knife. Olivia begs Roxy, the other perp, to let her help. She gets hit.

The alleged rapist insists he didn't do anything.

Luca screams make them stop it. Olivia says they have to be untied to make him stop. Roxy unties them. Olivia tries to talk her into helping them.

Barba tells them that Olivia never made it to the conference.  Lucy comes in. She got a weird text. 

Joe is not happy that they are untied.

The mother wants to talk to her kids.

Fin and Carisi go ring the doorbell. The daughter is held at gunpoint and she says she  and Luca are sick. Olivia tries to convince the perps they should go before they get caught. Joe says they're not going anywhere til they get the money. 

Swat Team is outside the house. No visual on the parents, they see the pRalph is told to negotiate berps and Benson.

Roxy is upset they didn't leave. She and oe fight. Joe appears to be going nuts. Olivia suggests they let everyone go except her. Joe wants Olivia to tell the cops to stand down or he will kill the teens. He puts her on speaker. She calls Dodds.

Joe is not happy that a negotiator is on the way. Olivia tells him if he doesn't talk the cops will kill both him and Roxy.

Tucker is summoned. Carisi thinks Joe is high. Tucker doesn't need to be walked through.

Joe starts arguing with Roxy while everyone is tied up in the living room.  Tucker calls.  He asks if eveyrone is okay. Joe wants Benson to lie and say Lisa is here. Fin realizes the mother is at a bank with someone else.

Tucker tries to talk to Joe. Joe demands an SUV with tinted windows and a million dollars in cash. He wants the streets cleared and to be taken to a helipad and to fly a plane away.

The guy holding Lisa is caught and Lisa is scared. Guy says this was all Joe's idea. The guy, Ralph, is an alcoholic/addict who needs money to help his mom with her hip. Ralph says only Joe wanted to hurt anyone. Barba warns him that if anyone dies he is on the hook for felony murder. He gives them Joe's full name.

Lisa wants to see her kids and wants to go back in the house. She has little patience for their questions.

Ralph is told to negotiate but tells Joe that he has been arrested. Joe demands Ralph or he will kill Olivia. He doesn't want to talk anymore. Tucker says that if Joe doesn't talk ESU (like SWAT) will take over.

Joe blames Roxy. She blames Joe. Joe shoves her and her gun falls.  Tucker says they will give Joe the money Ralph stole in exchange for the kids. Joe agrees to send out one person.

Two EMTS are sent in to get the husband but he wants them to strip. He doesn't trust they aren't carrying. At first he doesn't want to let Richie go. He demands the EMTs take off their vests (one of them is Mike). Tucker says the car is ready. Joe wants the ESU guys gone and a clear path to take the car. He makes Olivia put the vest on Roxy. Olivia whispers to Roxy that she just has to surrender and she won't die. Roxy tells her to shut up and goes out to check the car. Joe tells her to get back in here right now. He's pointing the gun at Olivia. She tells Joe she's sorry and surrenders. Joe shoves the gun in Olivia's face.

Joe loses his temper and tries to throw Olivia around. She tells him this is better for him. He doesn't need Roxy. Tucker calls.  Olivia tells him to set his terms. He says he's taking everyone with him and if he dies so do they. He agrees to let Luca go. Chief Gabriel of ESU wants to shoot to kill. Benson tells Joe to keep the gun to her head so he won't get killed.

Everyone comes out. ESU holds fire.Joe wants all the cops to get back. Olivia gets him to let the kids go. Olivia turns and hits Joe. Joe is killed by a sniper. Tucker and Carisi get Olivia to safety.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 11 Quotes

Guy: I just yelled' stop police.' I'm not police.
Fin: That's good. You scared him.

One move and I blow a hole through your head.