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Rollins and Sonny take the baby for a walk. Rollins admits being a mom is the greatest thing ever. Sonny advises her to let the baby cry itself to sleep. The baby starts crying and he soothes it. Rollins smiles.

In a car in a parking lot it sounds like people are having sex. A kid leaves the car and the (adult) woman smiles at him.

The kid, Travis, goes to his locker to meet his friends. The kids are ordered to go to class. One of the kids, Zach, seems to be an outsider.

The woman turns out to be Travis' teacher. The kids are given an assignment. Zach seems to have a crush on her. She asks one of the other kids, Jordan, for help and make sout with him in a supply closet. He tells her to stop.

Zach gets a photo of a woman's breasts and calls his dad and tells him to ignore his mom when she calls. He goes to a street corner where he runs into a cop. He says he's waiting for a friend. The cop tells him to go home and call his friend because this is a drug corner.

Dodds wants to cut overtime and so forth. He thinks Rollins isn't coming back and Sonny is spending too much time at the law office. Dodds thinks Fin pushes everything off to everyone else. 

Zach's mother reports Zach missing. He never made it to his father's. Father comes in and says he wasn't planning on taking Zach. Parents start arguing.

Zach's father is able to get Zach's texts. They find the texts from the woman. Zach met her at Jamaica station.

Zach's phone died at Jamaica Station. They believe it is a teacher. It's hard to track down because school is closed for winter break.

They go to the principal's house and he seems to be having a party with a woman. They tell him Zach is missing. Principal knows who Travis and Jordan is.

Travis and Jordan are not cooperative. Jordan says Zach is still pre pubescent and not interesting to her. He says he had to have sex with the teacher to stay on the wrestling team. He ID's his English teacher.

It seems weird to Mike Dodds that the teacher used a burner with Zach and her own phone with the other boys. Mike found her credit card receipts showing she is in Vermont.

The detectives head up to Vermont and find the teacher with a 21-year-old that she says is her husband, who is cuffed to the bed. Benson arrests her.

Benson gives Phoebe the photos. She says those photos didn't come from her. She claims she eloped with her husband last night. She wants a lawyer. Benson says if something happened to Zach, no deal.

Husband says Phoebe would never do anything like this. Husband says he met her when he was a senior in high school and she was first teaching. He says she picked him up at LaGuardia at 3 and they headed to Vermont for a romantic elopement.

Mike still thinks this doesn't fit Phoebe's MO.

Defense attorney doesn't think a jury will buy rape. DA wants a deal if it'll bring them to Zach. Phoebe is offended that she is being accused of rape.

Defense attorney says Phoebe is being set up. She says Jordan came to her a month ago. He was upset. But he told his wrestling coach about their sexting. She claims the coach used the photos to make it look like she sexted Zach. Jordan says coach is a great guy. NYPD goes to the coach's house, warrant is on the way. They break in and search and find two plates with pizza and two beers but no people.  There are pictures of kids on a wall... all boys.

Benson says the guy pays by cash. Car hasn't been seen since Saturday. Principal doesn't recognize all the kids. Says there's no training camp. No idea where the coach is.

Travis recognizes some kid. Says he moved back to Colombia, didn't speak English, then disappeared. Jordan recognizes a kid and says he died in a drunk driving accident.  Zach's parents don't understand why they're asking about the coach. Father gets upset and they start arguing over whose fault it is. Mother says Zach reveres him. They recognize one of the other boys. He turns out not to be dead or missing. They talk to him and ask if he went on out of town trips. Guy gets evasive and wants to get back to work. Guy gives them more info when he learns Zach is missing. There was a general store and a Vikin statute in the parking lot. Guy claims never to have seen the place himself.

General store owner recognizes Zach and says he was with the coach. They  may be at a fishing cabin nearby.

State troopers come to see the coach. He gets him out of the house and Benson shows up and the coach is arrested. The search for Zach in the lodge. They find him unconscious and undressed on a couch.

Sonny asks how Zach is doing. He refused rape kit, had roofies and alcohol in his system.

State troopers say this has been going on for years and they had no clue.

Coach says Zach ran away and if he hadn't found him who knows what would have happened. He says he fed him and gave him a beer so he would feel like a man. He insists he gave this friendless kid a home ion the team. He says he's a stand-up guy who has all these awards.

Zach doesn't want to talk. Benson and Sonny question him. He figures he passed out because he drank too much. Next thing he remembers is being in the guy's car. Coach said he was driving him home but when he woke up he was in the cabin and the doors were locked. The coach was in bed with him. Zach cries that he isn't gay. Benson tells him it's not his fault.

Coach pleads not guilty. Attorney claims this is just because of a pedophile teacher and should be given ROR. Bail is set at $500,000 and he will get an electronic monitor and no contact with minors if he makes bail.

Zach's parents don't want him to testify. The mother is upset that it's all over the news. They're afraid that Zach will have a tough time if he is known as having been raped by a guy. DA says he wouldn't know what he'd do if it was his son. He needs osmeone else to ocme forward.

Benson tells Nate that Zach is okay. But she needs to get his story on the record. He says that the guy will go away without his help. He doesn't want to testify. He doesn't want to be the only one testifying.

Sonny has struck out with all the victims.

Nat kidnapped the coach and forced him to confess on video, but claims it was not coerced.

Sonny and Fin go to the coach's house. It has been broken into and ransacked. The coach is stabbed in the groin with a pair of scissors. He dies on the way to the hospital. Nat is arrested for murder and doesn't seem to have any clue he did anything wrong. Benson won't let him talk without a lawyer. Dyer wants to prosecute for Murder 1.




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Don't underestimate him. Fin knows more than anybody.


Now let's see what we can do to get that average up.