Beth: I've been called back to base. I'm flying out tonight.
Benson: I thought you were going to stay two weeks for your mother.
Beth: Duty calls.
Benson: Why don't you take a couple more days? That would allow us to find your assailant and put him behind bars and give you the chance to heal. And in my experience, that's the only way to get closure.
Beth: Soldiers don't need closure. They need missions.

Benson: Don't you find it odd that she didn't even ask us Cook's name? She didn't even want to know if we were going to arrest her?
Fin: If she asked about her assailant, that would mean admitting that she let it happen.

Cook: Will you take the blue pill of political correctness or the red pill?
Carisi: What's in the red pill?
Cook: Truth. Like, perhaps it is not in God's plan for a woman to be boxing in a warehouse at 4 in the morning. Perhaps she was meant for nobler purposes.
Rollins: You mean like making babies?
Cook: It's been that way for hundreds of years.

Beth: What's my mission, Lieutenant?
Benson: To heal.

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Benson: You didn't do anything wrong.
Beth: I respectfully disagree, ma'am. As a Ranger i'm taught to be strong and never do anything that is an embarrassment to my country.
Benson: You were raped and assaulted. Embarrassment doesn't even begin to come into the conversation.
Beth: I guess we just see it differently.

Benson: So Beth -
Beth: I prefer Captain Williams, ma'am.
Benson: Okay. So Captain Williams, whatever you prefer. So, Captain Williams, were you able to remember any of the details?
Beth: No. I tried, but it's still a little fuzzy.
Benson: Okay, so let's take it from the beginning. Where did you go after the party? Do you remember going to the fight club?

Benson: I think we can both agree that the top priority should be what's in Beth's best interest.
Danforth: So she'll be listed as a Jane Doe?
Benson: That's up to her.

Carisi: Now Mickey I'm gonna have to ask you some personal questions. It's standard procedure.
Mickey: Okay.
Carisi: Did you and Beth have sex in the past 48 hours?
Mickey: It's been five months so...
Carisi: Did you use a condom?
Mickey: No, Beth's on the pill so...
Carisi: Okay. I'm gonna have to swab your mouth.

Benson: Beth?
Beth: Yes ma'am?
Benson: I'm Sergeant Benson from the Special Victims Unit. ARe you feeling well enough to talk? It's gonna be okay.
Beth: I appreciate that.
Benson: I know this is tough, but I have to ask you a few questions. Do you know who did this to you?
Beth: I can't believe this happened. The timing is terrible.
Benson: What do you mean?
Beth: I'm supposed to start a press tour for the Army. Talking about courage, valor, bravery. I can't be here saying I got raped.

Fin: Question is, why is she walking around with 5G cash?
Carisi: Could be any number of reasons, but this neighborhood narrows it down.

Benson: You said she was sexually assaulted?
Fin: Looks that way. Her pants were off, her underwear was pulled down. Blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
Benson: Anything else?
Fin: We found a military ID. She's a ranger. Best of the best.

Father: So uh, have you two lovebirds set a date or what?
Man: Next year, May 20th, right babe?
Woman: Yeah.

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Phoebe: I wasn't with my Zach. Honestly, he's just a kid.
Sonny: Not your type?

They couldn't have gotten out.