No more of this. No more! These women were at their most vulnerable and you made them demean themselves. They came here looking for the American Dream but you put them through a living hell.


Detective: You tell stories, Eddie. Well, I'm here to tell you one, a sad story about a woman who loved a man so much she did a terrible thing to be with him.
Eddie: Does this story also have to do with Rory O'oole?

You were playing a role. Isn't it possible he was playing one too?


Benson: He deserves no less than 15 years.
Fin: Throw the book at him.
Carisi: I'm trying but I need something better to go on.

Lina: My husband is already going crazy with jealousy. He is following me around, checking my phone.
Benson: You sound like you're scared of him. [sees bruise] Did he do this to you? Lina, listen to me. You don't have to stay with Joe. You were the victim of a crime. We can get you a U-Visa

I want to give you an easy out here. My client is a USCIS employee. It's his job to find green card scams. He found one.


Benson: At first he meets with the couples separately at his office, and then he tells the women to meet him outside of the office.
Fin: He tells them, 'You want a green card? I deserve a little loving too.'
Benson: And if they turn O'Toole down, they end up in ICE detention awaiting deportation.
Fin: And he can deport their families too.
Garland: This abuse of power sickens me.

Benson: We know that O'Toole talked to you three times outside of the office.
Lina: Three times. But what I did, I had to do.

Well, that went viral like the flu.


Woman: A black man can't even go to work? He'll lose his job!
Fin: He is a groper! Imagine if it was your mother or your sister.

Esperanza: I'm not gonna talk about my father. I'm a fighter. I'm not weak.
Benson: Telling your story is not weak. And whatever happened, it doesn't define you.

Whatever he did or didn't do, doesn't matter. People are always gonna look at us now. Men make the mess and women have to clean it up.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

I'm gay. I came out two years ago. Dr. Hensley helped me become comfortable with that.


My dad's hurting my mom! We need the police here! No, Dad, please get off her! You're killing Mommy!

Andre [on 911 call recording]