I'm tired and I hurt like hell and it's too late for an epidural.


Barba: We still have a deal.
Lisa: You should have said yes earlier. The deal's off.

I've done the best I could.


Liv. Liv. He kidnapped another child. You had to tell him where Wyatt was.


Benson: He confessed because he did it!
Huang: I'm sorry, but I don't know that. And neither do you.

Dr Huang is an expert witness. I'm asking for his expert opinion.


Kids have backpacks.


So you interrogated Louis Hoda for over six hours before turning on a camera. In all that time you didn't coerce him, you didn't threaten him?


Louis Hoda may walk if Hastler can make it look like your emotions are getting in the way of your police work, which is what they're doing right now.


I waited a long time. I had hope. Then they dug up that basement. Detective Benson showed me that picture. Hector's backpack.

Hector's Mom

Sonny: You ever see Louis Hoda hanging around Hector?
Cop: No, but I can say I did.

As your dad used to say, worth a shot, but the confession is admissible.

Judge Horowitz