Amika: It was my fault. You wanted to go straight home. I ran ahead.
Rollins: No. It was his fault. You were just being kids and what he did to you never should have happened.

If you can't keep him locked up for my sake, keep him locked up for all the women who are still whole, all the women Jimmy Gunn will rape if he gets out.


I thought you were so nice. And ever since then I can't trust my instincts. You took away my roadmap.


Carisi: I gotta babysit Kat. She's always angry at me. No matter what I do, it's the wrong thing. You got any tips?
Fin: Don't do anything.

Amika: Three hours on that floor. You took away my childhood. The least you can do is listen to what I wrote in my diary.
Darryl: Oh, you're gonna read to me now?
Amika: Yes. And after you've heard it, maybe then you can tell me whether you ever raped a Black girl.

Carisi: Juries understand No means No. They don't understand he started and she said stop.
Kat: You know, Carisi, when you say the jury has a problem with it, I think you mean you have a problem with it.

Rollins: Usually this process takes a year.
Amika: I'm not waiting that long. And I'm not going to Utah. Isn't there a way to do this faster?
Imani: You've waited 21 years. What's a little longer?
Amika: Maybe you can wait a little longer. I can't.

Hey Chaplain? Jimmy's victims... they're not buying what he's selling.


Fin: He isn't gonna get out, is he?
Carisi: Well, he checked all the boxes for a model inmate. Good behavior, NA...
Fin: NA? He's not a drug addict.
Carisi: Not until he got to prison and realized, hey this makes me look good.

Kat: So he listened to you?
Lili: Until he didn't. All of a sudden he was inside me. I told him to stop and he didn't. I'm like, I just told you to say No, what are you doing?
Kat: Did you want to have sex?
Lili: It all happened so fast. By the time my brain caught up with my body he was pushing me against the wall til he was finished. Am I wasting your time?

Rollis: Liv, everything okay?
Benson: No, that was Noah's school. Someone in his pod tested positive for COVID and Noah's running a fever.

Fin: I put the sisters in interview.
Benson: I want to go through their file. Tell them I just need a few minutes, okay?

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Stone: I feel like a priest today, everyone unloading their guilt.
Benson: Well, that should tell you something. This wasn't police business.

Proof. Finally.