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Physical violence against another human being is a crime. Even if she's "just your wife."

A.D.A. Barba

It sends a message that it's okay to be a bully in your own home.

A.D.A. Barba

Do you realize that you looked at your husband before you answered that?

A.D.A. Barba

A.D.A. Barba: When A.J. raises his voice at Junior, how does that make you feel?
Paula: What does that matter?

A.D.A. Barba: Is it fair to say your life revolves around A.J. or your son.
Paula: I'm proud of that.

How many close friends do you have besides A.J.?

A.D.A. Barba

A.D.A. Barba: Is A.J. your first serious relationship?
Paula: He's the love of my life, still is.

A.D.A. Barba: Everything is always good or fine in the Martin house.
Paula: It is.

You don't know him, I do. He is a gentle, good, man. He doesn't deserve this. Our family doesn't deserve this.


You made a judgment call? To punch a women in her face?

A.D.A. Barba

A.D.A. Barba: I know that was wrong.
Martin: Now that the video has been made public?

Fin: One, you can't take this job home with you.
Rollins: I'm working on that.
Fin: Two, you can't take anyone from this job home with you.

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We rag dolled her, but compared to what she's done that's nothing.


Distasio: On the word of a maid.
Finn: My grandmother was a maid.