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Oh you know how I am Amanda, I never take no for an answer!

Chief Patton

What is the point of having a national DNA database, if the rapist's DNA is never entered into it?


Not as petite as you're used to, huh?


Rollins: Bad time?
Benson: Always.

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Rape? Those women wanted to do what they did, they just wanted the pills.

Dr. Conklin

Deputy Chief Dodds: You're in the hot seat, Sergeant.
Fin: You see that, that's why I never took the Sergeant's exam.

This guy has a pager, knows how to make his victims pass out - what are we looking for? A doctor?


Hey, if I can get three rapes on NYPD'd dime, then that works out for everyone now doesn't it?

Chief Patton

You know how many rapists sing, hum, whistle, to their victims? A lot.


Benson: Rollins, word of advice, when you're trying to lie - don't oversell.
Rollins: Got it.

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Physical violence against another human being is a crime. Even if she's "just your wife."

A.D.A. Barba

It sends a message that it's okay to be a bully in your own home.

A.D.A. Barba
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