If a fifteen-year-old has a Constitutional right to have an abortion without parental consent, how can she not have the right to consensual sex?


Rollins: We're keeping the investigation open, and if more girls come forward...
Frank: He'll find a way to rig that too. You and I both know that a guy like Getz can never be held accountable.

Woman: You sure had me fooled. You play low-rent whore perfectly.
Kat: You would know.

Getz: This is a men's room.
Benson: We looked for you in the little girl's room, but you weren't there. Mind if we talk to you?
Getz: Am I under arrest?
Rollins: Not if you come with us voluntarily.
Getz: [on phone] I'm being harassed, babe. Call Abrams and tell him to meet me at -
Benson: Special Victims Unit.
Getz: Mind if I zip up first? Or do you want to do it for me, sweetheart?
Benson: Hard pass. Wash your hands, sweetie.

Benson: Millie and her father will testify.
Carisi: To what? That he's a sleaze? I feel for these girls, but until we have a complaining witness, there's no there there.

Girls come and go at all hours. It's like a delivery service.

Security guard

Kat: I saw an opening and I went with my gut.
Benson: Next time, don't. It worked out, but Kat, you could have just as easily blown up our case or got yourself shot.

Rollins: What is Kat doing? She's supposed to just suss the gig out, talk to Ivy.
Fin: She's going inaudible.
Rollins: If Getz makes her, it could blow up our whole case.
Fin: So what do you want me to do? Shoot her?
Rollins: You're her sergeant. Reel her in.

Millie: It's been so hard. Ivy's not my sister anymore.
Rollins: How, honey?
Millie: She's mean, maybe cause she's hungry. And I can hear her crying in the bathroom. And I think she's having sex.

Rollins: Next time we should talk about my dad. Who I haven't spoken to in 15 years. He called me this morning.
Therapist: Doorknob comment. This might have been worth bringing up during the session.

Getz: Beautiful. Now drop those hands.
Ivy: I don't know...
Getz: Come on. Show that body. You can do that for me, can't you?

You were so brilliant and look what has happened to your mind


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Carisi: So you really expect us to believe that someone in our department drugged you and assaulted you just to steal your phone?
Staines: I've been threatened by cops before.

You know I'm human, right? And human people have sex, sometimes with people they love, and sometimes with people they don't even know.