Believe me, we prayed every night for some sign that Cici was still alive. Seven years ago on her birthday, we had a fake funeral. Father John said it would give us closure. There is no such thing as closure.


Ava: They're making me out to be the bad guy, to be a prude who had regrets after.
Benson: Ava, listen to me. You're not a prude because you didn't want to be assaulted.
Ava: They're vilifying me!
Benson Okay, let's take a breath here -
Ava: No! I'm done with this. I'm not pressing charges.
Benson: Ava, they're gonna keep doing this. There's going to be other girls -
Ava: So let one of them testify. I'm done with this.

Benson: They have an answer for everything.
Carisi: So did Ted Bundy, until he didn't.

Three-ways are illegal now? I thought this was New York, not Texas!


Ava: Are you saying you believe them?
Benson: We're just trying to find out what happened. We got three people involved in this and two of them say you're lying.
Ava: Oh my God! You don't believe me.
Rollins: They say you gave them the Ecstasy.
Ava: I told you, I don't do drugs!
Rollins: They also said you had a three-way in college and wanted to try again.
Ava: Even if I said that, I didn't want this! I was raped!
Benson: Okay.
Ava: Okay, what? Are you going to arrest them?
Benson: We will build a case and we'll start by getting a search warrant for their home.

Benson: You know, we've heard this sex games gone wrong story a hundred times. You buying it?
Rollins: Cupcakes and Botox? Sounds tempting.

Sadie: We even had plans to go to breakfast. So whatever she's saying -
Carisi: She's saying she was raped. She couldn't move, she couldn't scream. That's what she's saying.
Sadie: We met at the party. She seemed cool. But it was obvious she was on drugs and was acting out a sexual fantasy.

Ava: Oh my God. My hands were pinned down and they were taking turns.
Carisi: They?
Ava: It was a couple. A man and a woman. They both raped me.

With that level of intoxication, let's hope she knows what planet she's on.


Just because it's cold and people are lonely doesn't mean they're desperate to curl up with some rando.


Joe: How could I tell him something like that? I was supposed to be the older brother.
Ben [to Benson]: I could never tell Joe. He would have laughed at me
Joe [to Rollins]: My father? Ha! He was always 'Why didn't you get an A on that test?' He wouldn't have understood.
Benson [to Ben]: What about your mother?
Ben: No! She wouldn't have understood. She would have thought I was dirty. She wouldn't have loved me anymore.

Joe: He confess yet?
Rollins: You mean your brother?
Joe: Who else? He's weak, you know.
Rollins: You needed to protect him?
Joe: Damn straight. And sometimes...
Rollins: Sometimes?
Joe: Sometimes it's hard being the bigger brother.