Growing up in the 'hood, I saw how cops treated us. I didn't trust them for anything. That's why I became a cop, worked my way up to SVU because with rapists there's no gray area. The last thing I wanted to be was another trigger happy cop that killed a Black man. And that's just what I did.


It used to be so simple. Take down the bad guys. Now half the city is looking at us like we're the bad guys.


Carisi: Did you think at that moment that Dwight was going to hurt you or your son?
Irina: I thought at that moment that if I let Dwight get out of the tub, it would be too late.

Carisi: No one is telling me the truth. Except Leanne.
Benson: Who's six. We can't talk to her without her mother.
Carisi: Well, try that.

Fin: Did Irina tell you to get Will?
Mark: This is how you treat a brother officer? No wonder you have lawsuits against you.

Irina: I didn't want Leanne to see so I closed the door and called 911.
Benson: What about Will? You told me yesterday when we were talking that your ex husband was dropping off Leanne and Will.

So. Irina's abusive boyfriend ends up electrocuted in the bathtub with a hairdryer. Going old school.


I should have fought for custody. Dwight and Irina... it takes two to tango and these two have been tangoing for years.


Benson: Irina, your kids are at school. With a detective.
Irina: I'm a good mother. I would never let anything happen to either of them.

Kat: She still has me on a short leash.
Rollins: It's not you. Four years ago, we lost a good man on a DV case. Chief Dodds' son. She's never gotten over it.

Boy, if you don't toughen up, this world will run all over you.


Lawyer: Mrs. Fuller, are you saying you didn't want Leon's parole officer to be involved?
Mrs. Fuller: What I didn't want was for my son to see his father get shot and bleed out on the floor!

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Stone: I feel like a priest today, everyone unloading their guilt.
Benson: Well, that should tell you something. This wasn't police business.

Proof. Finally.