Jersey Shore Season 3

"At the End of the Day"

Summer comes to an end in the Season 3 finale, which finds one couple reaching a crossroads in their relationship, while another couple makes theirs official.

"A House Divided"

Snooki and Vinny have a falling out; Mike continues to instigate drama between Sammi and Ronnie; Pauly and Vinny try to hook up with Deena's friend.

"GTF (Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting)"

Things heat up between J-Woww and Roger; Pauly and Vinny take a road trip to Staten Island; Mike clues Ronnie in on some of Sammi's suspicious behavior.

"A Cheesy Situation"

Sammi returns to the house; Snooki's feelings for Vinny deepen; Mike believes a hook-up smells like cheese.

"Kissing Cousins"

Snooki's hook-ups haunt her; Mike pranks Deena and Snooki; the guys ditch Mike.

"The Great Depression"

Ronnie is an emotional wreck following Sammi's departure, and when the girls take her side, Ronnie feels like he has no friends left in the house.

"Cabs Are Here!"

Ronnie and Sam end their tumultuous relationship with a nasty breakup that prompts Ronnie to destroy all of Sam's belongings. Later, she considers leaving the show.

"Should We Just Break Up?"

Snooki meets a guy, but he may or may not be engaged. Pauly D. makes peace with an old enemy; and Ronnie's hard partying takes a toll on his relationship.

"Drunk Punch Love"

Ronnie and JWoww make amends, which sends Sammi over the edge. The Situation uncovers Deena's dirty secret; and Vinny goes out with a girl who has an overbearing family.

"Free Snooki"

Snooki is released from jail after getting trashed in the middle of the freaking day; Deena meets a Ronnie look-alike; and J-Woww breaks up with her beau Tom.

"Where's the Beach?"

Sammi sets out to make peace with Snooki and Deena. Later, Snooki gets arrested for public intoxication, and sparks fly when J-Woww runs into an old flame.

"It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer"

Sammi and J-Woww cause tension in the house; Sammi and Ronnie choose isolation until Ronnie decides to fraternize with the rest of the household, leaving Sammi left out.

"Back to the Shore"

The third season of Jersey Shore kicks off in the familiar stomping grounds of Seaside Heights, N.J. Major partying will likely ensue.

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