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Sammi takes care of Ronnie after he has too much to drink.

Snooki accidentally falls asleep in the dog pen.

Ronnie gets a special check-up.

Snooki goofs around at the pharmacy.

Deena hooks up with Ronnie's friend.

Snooki hangs out on the boardwalk with a guy she met at the club the night before.

The girls try on outfits at the sex shop.

Snooki's guy may or may not be engaged.

Pauly D teases his stalker after inviting her back to the house.

After another fight, Sammi and Ronnie decide to break up.

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tom is a dick while jwoww is a little bitch I think that Roger is going to fuck j then send her ass, while idiotic Snooki and a troublemaker


I don't get why everyone is hatin on snooks. i personally love her! and ron n' sammi.


i think that jwoww and tom needed to break up cause tom is an a** that didnt deserve her

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Why is Ronnie bleeding out of his ass? I have no idea.


Everyone's having a good time, everyone's gettin' along in the house. But, once again, one step forward, two step backs.