He has a white a$$, oh my god.


He's got something on his chest, that's a lot of balls.

Pauly D

I have no idea what Vinny's tattoo means, it looks cool, but no f#$king idea what it means.


I hope Vinny's like home right now, because this would be bad if he wasn't home and we're just like roaming through his house.


This like blows d#$k for skittles right now.


Today's GTGVB, gym, tan, get Vinny back.

Pauly D

I mean if I was a guy, I would f#$k Paula. Hello, she's hot.


Yo forget this, let's go get Vinny. I can't take it anymore.

Pauly D

There's a hundred percent chance that Paula's gonna get a second date.

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