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How to Get Away with Murder is produced by the amazing Shonda Rhimes. It stars two-time Academy Award nominee Viola Davis as an attorney who also works as a criminal defense professor, Annalise Keating.

She's in charge of an enthusiastic group of students who are aspire to be just like her, though it becomes clear as the series progresses that Keating is hiding many secrets. She also may be very dangerous.

The premiere flashes forward to four students at a crime scene and How to Get Away with Murder then continues to tease this development, along with many other scandals layered throughout the series.

How to Get Away with Murder airs on ABC at 10/9c on Thursday nights.

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Let the slut shaming begin.


Desmond: You’re judging me? I’ll buy you one so I’m not the only degenerate on the plane.
Annalise: You’re good.
Desmond: I wouldn’t want to corrupt you. Any good gossip? Sorry I talk a lot. I just know I’d kick myself later if I didn’t at least try.