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Bonnie: So, you don't care about the adoption coming out? Why risk it? You just got back on your feet.
Annalise: That's cuz I fought for my life. And you better damn well know I'm gonna keep going.

Miller: As close as we get, I feel like I'm in a love triangle with Annalise Keating.
Bonnie: Stop.

Just so you know, I will have your back at the wedding. Us single girls, we gotta stick together.

Pam [to Asher]

You keep digging, you're going to get us all killed.

Bonnie [to Nate]

Gabriel is Sam's kid.

Frank [to Annalise]

Bonnie: I know what you did.
Miller: What are you talking about?
Bonnie: You had Nate's dad killed.

To Nate Senior and the hope that someday we will live in a world that isn't always so terrible all the time.


I can't wait to take you down.

Annalise [to Governor Birkhead]

Frank: Gabriel is Annalise's worst nightmare. Do you understand? End of discussion.
Laurel: You know what happened last year. I almost ruined everyone's life because I wanted to keep everything a secret.
Frank: We got through it.
Laurel: Christopher almost died! If not for Annalise, I would not have him. Please just tell her.

You actually have everything in your power to do something about it. So, order the damn inquest. Otherwise, his blood's on your hands, too.

Nate [to Miller]

Annalise: The governor played me.
Tegan: How?
Annalise: She made me take a job that she had no intention of following through on.

Connor: No, I am too depressed to be pretend religious today.
Michaela: Amen.

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How to Get Away with Murder Quotes

Gabriel is Sam's kid.

Frank [to Annalise]

Connor: Laurel, open up!
Michaela: Connor, just let us explain.
Connor: You told them we were coming? What are you gonna do? Are you going to tie me up like you did Rebecca?
Laurel: Let's hope it doesn't get to that.