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No more hating yourself, okay? It's done.

Nate [to Bonnie]

Annalise: What happened to you being a better Frank?
Frank: Maybe everybody else is better if I'm just Frank.

He was guilty, Bon.

Frank [to Bonnie]

I don't know what's more fake, you are those phone records.

Annalise [to Governor Birkhead]

Michaela: What did Annalise say?
Laurel: Just that she hates me. Understandable really.

Everyone's dead. Nate's father. Wes. They're all dead because of you!

Annalise [to Laurel]

Asher: Our lives suck. Like, everything's always falling apart around us. So, yeah, we want our mommy or our daddy to tell us everything's gonna be okay, right? It's actually pretty damn understandable.
Michaela: I miss us.
Asher: I know.

No wonder you drink.

Tegan [to Annalise]

Gabriel: Look, I...I'm just really confused right now. I feel alone.
Annalise: It's called adulthood, Gabriel. Every single one of us is alone all the time. Accept it now and you'll save yourself a lot of pain later.
Gabriel: Thanks for the advice.

I'm telling you to use the gift your mama gave you. Or drive yourself crazy with not knowing.

Tegan [to Annalise]

I know who killed Nate Senior. You know him too. Emmett Crawford.

Governor Birkhead [to Annalise]

Annalise: What about me loving myself, Mamma? Doesn't that count for anything?
Ophelia: You'll never love yourself if you hurt people, Anna Mae. We both know that.

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How to Get Away with Murder Quotes

Never take a learning opportunity away from another student. No matter how smart you need everyone to think you are.

Annalise Keating

Annalise: Were you screwing her?
Sam: No.
Annalise: You sure about that?