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Gabriel, if you can't support me on my journey to find peace and closure the way I have decided to, then I don't want you here. Please leave. Now.


I know you're looking for a woman to love. Why don't you start loving yourself?

Annalise [to Carl]

I gave up a hell of a lot, and I'm not about to let anybody snatch it away. So, get off your soapbox and help me win this damn case.

Tegan [to Annalise]

You want my help. First you need to help me.

Nate [to FBI]

Nate: Uh, question, when did this clinic stop being about helping the underprivileged?
Annalise: You mean when Tegan drove to Maryland to stop your dumbass from getting our clients deported?

Agent Lanford: You have to want something better for yourself than whatever it is you do these days.
Nate: I want my pop's case solved. That's what I want.
Agent Lanford: So do we. Just give us something on Annalise. And, hell, there might even be a job for you here. Special Agent Lahey. It sounds good, right?

Gabriel: Do you think I'm a bad man?
Vivian: No. No. No baby. No. You have a good heart. Cause you're a good man and a good son. I got you now. You hear me? I got you.

Clean up your mess. I got Connor's.

Tegan [to Annalise]

Your son's alive. No way in hell do you know my pain.

Annalise [to Vivian]

Vivian: Ivy leaugue tuition, and that's what you're teaching these kids to do in court?
Annalise: I must be pretty good because I got your son off after the FBI charged him with terrorism. Gabriel didn't tell you that, huh? He's got quite a rap sheet.

It's over boo-boo. Pack your knives and go home.

Asher [to Gabriel]

Asher: Eliminate possession of a deadly weapon.
Michaela: The police said they found a knife on Brandi.
Asher: The knife was a nail file. There's no crime in staying flossy.

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