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A man named Neil Wilson asks to meet with an attorney named Miranda.  After their meeting he touches her, and she breaks out in what look like large bumps all over her body and dies.

The Division goes to examine Miranda Green's body at the morgue.  She has what turns out to be malignant tumors all over her.  With a florescent light, Walter finds a fingerprint and point of origin where the cancer cells began.  It appears someone has touched her and given her cancer.

The man who killed Miranda has figured out a way to delay the progression of his own disease.  Sort or like tantric sex, the transfer of energy.

Peter and Olivia search Miranda's office and find her agenda book that lists she had a meeting with a man named Neil one hour before her death.

Olivia goes to Walter and tells him she has to tell Peter the truth, because he deserves to know who he really is.  Walter is afraid Peter won’t forgive him and asks her for more time to prepare.

Neil searches for a Lloyd Becker, the name of an old classmate that he went to school with.  He then touches and transmits his disease to him.

The team goes to investigate the dead body of Lloyd Becker.  There must be a connection between Miranda and Lloyd.

Peter tells Olivia that he understands why she has been acting weird around him, because they almost kissed in Jacksonville.  He doesn't want to do anything to mess up the family unit they have going for them.  

Olivia knows one of the past victims, Timothy Ober, but doesn't know why.  It turns out that Timmy and the rest of the victims where part of Walter’s Cortexiphan trials in Jacksonville. The only way the killer has been able to transfer the energy needed was by using these test subjects.

Sam Weiss goes to visit Olivia late at night to play a game of Clue.  She then figures out that the killer is James Heath, and his sister was one of his first victims and also a Cortexiphan test subject.

James Heath, the killer, is told Olivia's name while searching for another individual.

James shows up at Olivia's home and tries to touch her.  She is able to fight him off.  

Julie Heath was James’ sister.  She stayed with him in the hospital when he was dying of cancer and a mystery man visited him to “help” him get better.  This man wanted to activate James, but was unsuccessful.  Then one day it just happened, and he watched his sister die and he got better.  

Broyles and Nina discuss finding the person attempting to activate Cortexiphan test subjects.

Walter tells Olivia that he will be the one that tells Peter the truth.

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Fringe Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Don't be so skeptical Peter; you liked the taffy didn't you?


Peter: How come you didn't call Broyles?
Olivia: I've got you on speed dial.