Fringe Season 2

"Over There, Part 2"

William Bell is back, and playing a big role on the season finale of Fringe. It takes place in the alternate universe and sets the stage for season three. Also, one of our three is left behind!

"Over There"

We're off to the alternate universe on Fringe, as the team travels there in this first-half of the two-part season finale. On "Over There", Walter and Olivia are on a mission to save Peter.

Martha Plimpton on Fringe
"Northwest Passage"

This week's episode is titled "Northwest Passage", where a murder investigation linked to Thomas Newton has Peter helping the local authorities solve these murders. The man from the Other Side also makes an appearance.

"Brown Betty"

This is a very unusual episode of Fringe. Anxiety caused by Peter's disappearance leads Walter to smoke some funky marijuana. Walter then tells Olivia's niece a story, and his imagination becomes the setting for a musical mystery put on by the rest of the Division.

Taking Cover, Aim
"The Man from the Other Side"

This week's episode is titled "The Man from the Other Side." In it, Newton and his shape-shifter goons are trying to open up a portal into our universe. Peter also learns that he is not from our world, with heartbreaking consequence.

"White Tulip"

This episode is titled "White Tulip." The Division investigates the deaths of passengers on a commuter train, which is somehow linked to a man's ability to time travel.

"Olivia. In the Lab. With a Revolver"

This week's episode has a cool name. It's titled "Olivia. In the Lab. With a Revolver." The Division is puzzled by the death of a woman from a disease she apparently never had. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles to keep the secret about Peter to herself.

Young Walter

Ready to see how it all began? This week's episode, "Peter", takes us back to Walter and his younger days. Walter explains to Olivia his experiments from the 1980s and where Peter is truly from.


This week's episode is titled "Jacksonville." A seismic disaster in Manhattan leads Walter to believe it was somehow related to his experiments with William Bell. Agent Dunham must then unlock her ability to save the lives of many.

Dead Wedding Guest
"The Bishop Revival"

Wedding guests are found dead on this week's episode titled "The Bishop Revival." When wedding guests mysteriously die, the unit looks into the crime's connections with one of Walter's old experiments.

"What Lies Below"

This week's episode on Fringe is titled "What Lies Below." During it, there's a lethal virus... and it's spreading. Walter, Broyles and Astrid search for answers when Peter and Olivia become trapped in a Boston office that's been quarantined by the Centers for Disease Control because of this deadly virus.

"Johari Window"

It's off to a small town this week on Fringe. The episode is titled "Johari Window." The team heads to a secluded small town to investigate a mysterious cover-up involving humans with horrible deformities. How far will the town go to keep their secret?

"Grey Matters"

William Bell returns during this episode. The focus returns to The Other Side as the shape-shifters return to steal portions of people's brains.


On this week's episode, the team look into bodies that have creatures attached to them. That's unusual.


It's off to Boston for the Fringe team. This week's episode is titled "August."

"Of Human Action"

We've recapped this episode of Fringe in full. It's titled "Of Human Action."


We've got a complete recap of the latest Fringe episode. Ready to learn all about "Earthling?"

"Dream Logic"

A man has a weird dream and stabs his boss this week. We've got a full recap of the episode.

"Momentum Deferred"

Welcome back, William Bell. Olivia visits her alternate reality again in this crucial episode of Fringe.


It's a race against time this week on Fringe! The episode is titled "Fracture."

"Night of Desirable Objects"

On the season's second episode, the team travels to Pennsylvania. This installment of Fringe is titled "Night of Desirable Objects."

"A New Day in the Old Town"

This is the second season premiere of Fringe. The episode is titled "New Day in the Old Town."

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