Desperate Housewives Season 3

"Getting Married Today"

Gabrielle learns a shocking secret about Victor at their wedding; Bree returns with Orson; Lynette's estranged mother returns.

"What Would We Do Without You?"

A CAT scan shows Lynette might have lymphoma; Mike proposes to Susan; Edie tells Carlos they'll have a baby;

"Into the Woods"

Susan heads into the woods to find Mike and he has to rescue her; Lynette fires Rick after he confesses his love to her.

Gabrielle is upset over Carlos and Edie's relationship; Tom worries when Lynette stays long hours with Rick at the pizzeria.

"God, That's Good"

Susan calls off the wedding when she hears about the poker bet; Lynette takes Rich's advice instead of Tom's at the pizzeria.

Tom is annoyed at Lynette for hiring a former drug addict to run the restaurant; Edie and Carlos take the next step; Victor confesses his love to Gabrielle.

Susan argues with her potential in-laws; Lynette finds an unconscious Tom on the floor and it turns out he can't work for three months.

"My Husband, the Pig"

The late Rex Van de Kamp narrates from a male perspective. Bree and Orson leave for their honeymoon just as Danielle tells them she's pregnant.

"The Little Things You Do Together"

The mystery of Monique's murder is solved; Bree and Susan settle their issues; Tom blames Lynette when they're missing chairs.

"I Remember That"

Ian proposes to Susan at Jane's funeral; Tom and Lynette continue to fight at the pizzeria; Orson tells the truth about Monique's death.

"Come Play Wiz Me"

Ian sends Susan to the hospital to be with a dying Jane; Lynette quits her job to work on the pizzeria; Alma rapes Orson.

"Not While I'm Around"

Tom and Lynee fight over decisions at the pizzeria; Alma moves into the Applewhites' old place; Bree finds a bag of teeth in Alma's closet.

"No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds"

Susan visits Mike in prison one last time to tell her Ian won't let her visit anymore; Lynette tries to accept Kayla into the family.

"The Miracle Song"

When Mike goes to jail for Monique's murder, Edie dumps him; After taking back Orson, Bree kicks out Gloria.

"Beautiful Girls"

Gabrielle begins coaching young beauty pageant contestants; Susan begins to move things into Ian's.

"Children and Art"

Detective Ridley searches Mike's home when he's discharged; Lynette suspects Ari is a pedophile; Orson's mother, Gloria, moves in.

Carolyn holds up a supermarket while Lynette, Edie, Nora, Austin and Julie get trapped inside. Gabrielle and Carlos' war reaches a climax.

"Sweetheart, I Have to Confess"

Susan stays with Ian while Mike is with Edie; Lynette is upset at Tom for kissing Nora; Bree learns about Orson's past.

"Nice She Ain't"

Susan kidnaps Mike when Edie continues to lie to him about their fictitious relationship; Danielle attempts suicide.

"Like It Was"

Edie tries to steal Mike when he wakes up from his coma with amnesia; Bree discovers Danielle is sleeping with her history teacher and Andrew is a prostitute.

"A Weekend in the Country"

Gabrielle meets with John at a resort and learns he's now engaged; Bree see Andrew on television and cancels her honeymoon to go see him.

"It Takes Two"

Despite the advice of her friends, Bree marries Orson; Gaby and Carlos discover Xiao-Mei gives birth to someone else's baby.

"Listen to the Rain on the Roof"

Six months after season two, season three opens with Mike still in a coma after Orson ran him over. Meanwhile, another man, Mike, asks Susan out.

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Desperate Housewives Season 3 Quotes

Susan: Did you seriously think I could sit on information that would exonerate Mike? If you had seen his face in jail the other day.
Ian: The other day? You saw Mike?
Susan: Yeah, just to tell him about the lawyer. (turning to Bree) I know that Mike is innocent.
Bree: Right, just like you knew Alma was dead.
Ian: I thought we had an agreement.
Susan: We do. Can we talk about this later?
Susan: When? After your next conjugal visit?
Bree: (to Susan) Boy, when it comes to Mike there's no one you won't betray.

Parker: You went to the store and you got shot, and auntie Nora died.
Lynette: I'm only gonna be in there for ten minutes, I promise.
Parker: Can't she go? (pointing at Mrs. McCluskey)