Desperate Housewives Season 7

"Come on Over for Dinner"

In part two of the Desperate Housewives season seven finale, the Wisteria Lane residents each enjoy a progressive dinner; Renee begins a relationship with a bartender; Bree sees a connection with Chuck.

"And Lots of Security..."

Part one of the season seven finale in which the police suspect Susan and Felicia were poisoning Paul.

"Then I Really Got Scared"

Bree finds out Chuck has researched her; they later do something surprising, involving a hooker; Juanita is unable to sleep after watching a horror movie.

"I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday"

With Gaby and the girls temporarily staying at Bree's house, Bree must lay down the law and demand discipline before Juanita and Celia destroy her home.

"The Lies Ill-Concealed"

When Tom attends a business seminar, Lynette attends to flower arrangements; she later tries to pose as a successful woman to no avail; Susan has nightmares about Paul Young.

"Moments in the Woods"

Susan thinks she can't lose following her kidney transplant. The result? Some serious gambling this week.

"Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed"

Paul causes problems for Susan and her kidney transplant this week. Elsewhere, Lynette gets mad at Tom and Bree gets worried about Andrew.

Susan gets very bad news on this episode of Desperate Housewives: she really needs a new kidney. Otherwise, she'll die.

"Farewell Letter"

Lynette and Tom want the twins to move out this week. But their request backfires. Elsewhere, Gaby heads back home.

Lynette has it out with her mother this week, while Susan is presented with an unlikely kidney option. Elsewhere, Bree still won't tell Keith about his son.

"I'm Still Here"

Lyette takes issues with her mom's wedding to Frank on this episode, while Susan tries to befriend a fellow patient during her dialysis sessions. Also, Carlos gets concerned over his wife's interactions with a doll.

"Where Do I Belong"

Susan continues to undergo dialysis this week, receiving a visit from two relatives. Elsewhere, Lynette seeks revenge against Tom for his past with Renee.

Susan is in the hospital when Desperate Housewives kicks off a new year. Orson also returns and Renee wrestles with what to tell Lynette.

"Down the Block There's a Riot"

A riot is coming to Wisteria Lane. In this 2010 finale, Paul Young's plan is put into full effect.

"Pleasant Little Kingdom"

Gaby fights to keep Grace in her life on this episode, while Keith plans a special dinner with Bree. Elsewhere, Tom gets peeved at Lynette and Renee opens up Susan about a dark secret.

"Sorry Grateful"

It's Thanksgiving on Wisteria Lane. The occasion finds Gaby and Carlos hosting a feast, and discovering shocking news about the Sanchez's. Also, Bree invites Keith's parents over for the big meal and learns a few secrets of her own.

"A Humiliating Business"

Bree is embarrassed over a certain secret on this week's episode: she's going through menopause. Elsewhere, Susan accepts an offer from Lynetter and Gaby questions Bob.

"Excited and Scared"

Susan reveals her job to Mike this week, while Juanita wonders about her mom's interest in Grace. Lynette also worries about her mother-in-law's memory.

"Let Me Entertain You"

Susan angers an important client this week, while Renee and Gaby both reveal an intimate secret. Elsewhere, Bree can't handle Keith in bed and Tom makes a decision without asking Lynette for permission first.

"The Thing That Counts is What's Inside"

Uh-oh. Susan is disgusted to learn she's now now the cover model for her company's outdoor billboard ads on this week's installment, while Renee uses intel against Bree in her quest for Keith.

"Truly Content"

Susan discovers a copy cat on this episode, while Gaby hires a private detective. Elsewhere, Lynette is shocked over Tom's doctor's remedy decision, while Renee invites Bree to go clubbing.

"You Must Meet My Wife"

Bree fires Keith on this episode, while Lynette suspects Renee of trying to break up her marriage. The women also meet Paul's new wife.

"Remember Paul?"

Paul Young returns to Wisteria Lane on the season seven premiere. Elsewhere, Lynette's college friend shows up and Bree takes interest in a handsome handyman.

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