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After having captured Zoe, Ruby and Kaya cut out a piece of her flesh and use it to add a new page to the Necronomicon, but it is made unclear as to what its purpose will serve.

Zoe attempts to escape, but is caught and killed by Kaya.

Ash and Pablo bring Brandy back to the house so that she can recover, as she is having side effects of being brought back to life.

Pablo has a vision and is able to see through the eyes of the Necronomicon and pinpoint Ruby and Kaya's location. Ash tells Pablo to head to the cellar of the store to keep the rift closed so that the Dark Ones do not come through while he goes to confront Ruby.

Ash tells Brandy to remain at the house to recover and leaves her with his boom stick for protection.

Pablo arrives at the cellar and finds that the portal is already open, and attempts to close but is unsuccessful. The Dark Ones emerge and attempt to kill Pablo, but they are unable to do so and take the missing pages to the Necronomicon and disappear.

Brandy is attacked by the demonic presence and chased into the shed, where she receives a call from her deceased mother. When she goes to answer it, the phone morphs into a creature and bites her thumb off.

Brandy is eventually able to kill it when she runs it over with a cultivator.

When Pablo comes out of the cellar, he finds the town overrun with Deadites. However, Pablo finds that he is immune to possession when the demonic presence completely ignores him.

Pablo finds Brandy and they drive away to find Ash.

Ash arrives back at Previtt's home to confront Ruby and takes Kaya hostage. Ruby is able to free Kaya and attacks Ash, destroying his chainsaw in the process.

Right before Kaya is able to kill Ash, the Dark Ones arrive. They expel Kaya from Kelly's body, return Kaya's soul it to her real body, and proceed to destroy her.

They then turn their attention to Ruby who gives in without a fight as the Dark Ones absorb her soul, killing her.

While the Dark Ones are preoccupied with Ruby, Ash is able to swipe the Necronomicon and Kelly's body and drives back to meet Pablo.

When they finally meet up, the Dark Ones appear and take back the book. Pablo attempts to get it back, but is easily overpowered.

The Dark Ones complete the incantation and disappear. However, the street begins to crumble as a huge demon emerges.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Pablo: Ay dios mio Jefe, I'm seeing through the eyes of the Necronomicon!
Brandy: The Necro-whatacon?
Ash: Oh, it's a gnarly book. It's the reason behind all this crap.

Brandy: Why do I feel like this?
Pablo: Uh, I have a feeling it's the residual effects of being brought back from the dead.
Brandy: [referring to Ash] Well, how come he's not sick then?
Ash: I don't get hangover's either.