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The police put a search out for Ash's arrest after his evil clone's massacre at the school. Pablo tells Ash about Kelly's situation and that Brandy could likely be with her.

When Ash realizes that the coroners are taking Brandy's body, Ash and Pablo jump into action by stealing the coronor's van that contains Brandy and another body.

In the Deadlands, Brandy runs into Kelly and Dalton who bring her to safety while avoiding huge Shadow Demons that patrol the streets.

They make their way to the cellar under the hardware store along with the body. Ash suggests Pablo open the rift so that he can jump through, but Pablo is hesitant, believing that Ash could end up like the mutated Knight member that did the same thing.

Pablo deduces that the only way to enter the Deadlands is to be killed by the evil. Ash, with the help of Pablo, stabs himself with the Kandarian dagger and awakes in the other world.

Ash is able to find Brandy, Kelly and Dalton and they attempt to head back to the rift in the cellar, but there is a Shadow Demon blocking their path. Dalton distracts the demon and sacrifices himself in order to allow the others to escape.

Upon arriving in the cellar, they find that the portal is not open. In the real world Pablo is attacked by a Deadite, as Ash brought the wrong body down to the cellar. Pablo eventually kills the Deadite by trapping its head in a paint shaker.

Pablo returns to the cellar to open the rift. However, Kelly is unable to enter the rift being that Kaya is still possessing her body, and is forced to remain in the Deadlands.

Ash and Brandy are brought back to life and the trio work on a plan to free Kelly.

Elsewhere, Kaya has kidnapped Zoe and brings her to Ruby. Ruby tells Zoe that she is going to help them change their destiny.




Ash vs Evil Dead
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