Pablo, I gotta get my hands on my little girl's body before they do!

Ash: I'm sorry I let you down Kiddo. But I promise you this: if you're still out there somewhere, I'll bring you home.

Ash: Okay we have some ladies to bring back to life. So how do we do this?
Pablo: This is your plan, I thought you knew.
Ash: Oh come on man, I don't know anything about this Rift crap. You're the Quervo Especiale.
Pablo: El Brujo Especiale.
Ash: Yeah whatever. you shake your little rattle, say some juju words, I jump in the rift.

Save Kelly and your daughter, Ash Williams. And when you send that bitch Ruby to hell, tell her I'll be waiting.


Pablo: Uh, Jefe hold up! Brandy's body's not the only one that's back there.
Ash: Uh, well we'll bring it back or dump it in some well ventilated area.

Pablo: I think in order to get to this evil dead place is ...
Ash: Is to get really wasted and do some shrooms? I can do that in my sleep.
Pablo: No, I think you gotta let the evil kill you.

To save those two? I would submit to a prostate exam.

Pablo: Is that a chainsaw I hear?
Demon Ash: Why yes it is. Where you come from they're better known as "motosierra."

Brandy: So are you saying that you ARE a demon?
Ruby: Oh honey, no ... but your dad is.

Officer: When they strap you to the table, I'm gonna ask to stick in the needle myself.
Ash: Yeah, jokes on you pal. Michigan doesn't even HAVE the death penalty.

Kelly: [after seeing Ash hide duck for cover] What's the matter?
Ash: Oh, the cops. They get all squirrely when they find a demon baby in a trunk.

Brandy: [after seeing Demon Ash] What the hell!?
Ash: That's what I was trying to tell you. Ruby went to Kandarian Kinko's and this asshole popped out.

Ash vs Evil Dead Quotes

Pablo: Guys, I think it's still there -- the dagger. I think it's at the place where the cabin went down.
Dalton: How would you know?
Pablo: Because a naked lady told me.

Eeeeaaaaaaaa! We are near! You're time comes again!