Melanie: This train is now an ark for humanity, not your personal indulgences.
Wilford: Can't it be both?

Layton: Hunger's a bitch, ain't it? You're getting a little taste of what you did to us back in the Tail. Not to rub it in.
Melanie: Oh, you're rubbing it in.
Layton: Yeah, I am.

Well, I suppose you might deserve a little credit. You're the glue. You put all Snowpiercer's pieces together! She's just as much yours as she is mine. And you will never hear me repeat that in public.


Wilford: Seems a long way to Eden.
Melanie: It's a start.

Melanie: Joseph, please. There are going to be more important things than order.
Wilford: Nothing's more important than order.

You can't sugarcoat the end of the world, Melanie. Not everything's going to be fine. But I promise you, you will survive.


This cold isn't something we can tame. We did this to our climate. Now, only the Earth herself can restart her warm heart. I believe we can find her pulse again. And my biggest fear isn't dying out here. It's that the cold-hearted among us will crush that hope before I can prove it.


In the Old Time, the future seemed multi-faceted. We had careers, families, personal aspirations. Places to go, friends to see, bucket lists. The hum of human dreams we took for granted. But we were sleepwalking, just one step away from trading all those possible futures for the shared fate of The Freeze.


Wilford: So, with your supplies under that avalanche, all you have left is one ration pack, one bag of sweeties from Ben, and an arm.
Melanie: I'll manage without the arm.
Wilford: Really? That seems a bit optimistic.

You've acquired a sentimental streak, Melanie. You were a lot more useful when you were naive and ambitious.


You gave up everything for us. For the world. You don't have to be sorry anymore. Not to me. Not to anyone.


Melanie: It's a miracle.
Alex: It's Life, Mom.

Snowpiercer Quotes

You hurt a lot of people in your past. People hurt you. You don't want to feel pain but it's unavoidable. Suffering is a part of the human condition. You can't get to joy, to relief, without hurting. Sometimes yourself. Sometimes others.

Pastor Logan

Resistance is never futile but Wilford's train is a fortress to class. Maybe it is perpetual.

Old Ivan