The Notary: He wants them divided by age. Children. Adolescents. 18-39. The rest, elderly.
Ruth: Elderly? Dear me.

Ruth: I know every passenger on this train, and I consider myself responsible for each of them.
Kevin: How unpleasant.

Wilford: I suppose there must be something uniquely wrong with me.
Layton: You're not unique, Wilford. You're an old, white dictator with a train set.

Wilford: Now, now, what did Mr. Layton say? We're all one train together.
Audrey: Exactly! And I thought dinner would be a nice way to bring us all together again.
Alex: One train under God and Audrey!

Wilford: I haven't got any of your stuff left, have I? That musky smell of integrity.
Layton: When that washes off, it's a wrap for you.

Layton: Fragile, powerful men like you froze the earth in the first place.
Wilford: Yes, it's a PR problem in that regard.

Layton: You can't help me.
Josie: Come on. The last time we met like this, we started a revolution.

Roche: They're taking you to Big Alice. He promised you'll be well-treated.
Layton: I've survived that once.

Can you do it, Layton? No, you're not an engineer. How can you expect to lead the train? You don't even understand how it works.


Layton: Games upon games.
Wilford: There's only one conductor of the orchestra.

This train just keeps trying to take us down. But it never has. You don't give up. You understand me? We don't give up.


Do you want to know who Layton is? He's a good guy. And I forgot what a good guy was. He is trying to give this train -- our daughter, our family -- a world that we can be proud to live in.


Snowpiercer Quotes

Breachman Boki: Okey, dokey. Let's go make coup!
Layton: You heard the man. Let's go make coup.

Resistance is never futile but Wilford's train is a fortress to class. Maybe it is perpetual.

Old Ivan