At first, I thought my mom and her people were stupid and disorganized. But now I think freedom probably has to be messy.


My own hope I keep hidden. Hidden in the few people who can rekindle it.


Hope is a powerful thing. Melanie used it to unite the people. First, with a lie. But then with a promise of a life off of Snowpiercer. Andre Layton used hope to inspire his people to fight for their freedom. But look where that's got him. And Mr. Wilford is a different story. He's turned hope into fear. He's turned the train against itself and then offered security.


Till: This isn't justice. Justice requires a fair trial.
Wilford: Does it? Not just a verdict?
Till: They were acting on your behalf.
Wilford: Well, everyone does.

Wilford: Now, now, what did Mr. Layton say? We're all one train together.
Audrey: Exactly! And I thought dinner would be a nice way to bring us all together again.
Alex: One train under God and Audrey!

Layton: Fragile, powerful men like you froze the earth in the first place.
Wilford: Yes, it's a PR problem in that regard.

Wilford: I suppose there must be something uniquely wrong with me.
Layton: You're not unique, Wilford. You're an old, white dictator with a train set.

Wilford: I haven't got any of your stuff left, have I? That musky smell of integrity.
Layton: When that washes off, it's a wrap for you.

Wilford: The will of the people. How can you stand it? Every little faction. The cold heart of political power is obedience.
Layton: That shit right there is why we'll always be enemies.

Osweiller: I'm a fish out of water, man. What's this all about?
Till: I don't know but like your mother used to tell you, keep your head on a swivel.

Layton: You can't help me.
Josie: Come on. The last time we met like this, we started a revolution.

With respect, you can go ahead and lock up Layton, but you'll find a big of his fight in all of us now.


Snowpiercer Quotes

Breachman Boki: Okey, dokey. Let's go make coup!
Layton: You heard the man. Let's go make coup.

Resistance is never futile but Wilford's train is a fortress to class. Maybe it is perpetual.

Old Ivan