Poster #5

PLEASE....this one beats all.

April, Jackson

Maybe she has a crush on Owen now.
I hope she isn't going to be like this all season.

The Best Friend Watches

I love seeing her all made up....she's so gorgeous.
I noticed also how big her boobs are! Hmmmm.

Patrick Dempsey is All Heart

He really is the perfect man. I'm so jealous of his wife. And I agree with V'day being overrated. Can get very stressful.


Derek's gonna do great as chief, they just have to give him a chance.
Plus his hair looks even better than usual! Hot chief is sexy

Mer, Der Stare

Looks like Mer has forgiven Derek....sooo glad. Can't stand when they are mad at each other.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Blink"

@cristy nations:
I can certainly understand how you would feel so sensitive to the ABS story line but I really don't think they were making fun or trying to be mean. I think they just meant to show just how immature and selfish Sloane is and that she is IN NO WAY (in my opinion) mature enough to have a healthy baby much less one with a medical complication, which she pretty much came to realize herself by the end of the episode. Best of luck to your grandson.


I agree with megan. I think Addison is having a dream.

Krista Vernoff Reflects on "Holidaze"

@hohoho...I agree with you. I thought Bailey's speech was good at first, then I kept wondering when it was going to end. Thought it was too long and a bit too much and somewhat embarrassing for everyone else at the table to listen to.

Grey's Anatomy Episode Guide: "Holidaze"

@justafan and Scottie....I totally agree with you both on all the points you mentioned. That being said, there WERE ALSO some GREAT scenes in that episode. It wasn't ALL terrible.

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