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Elizabeth Thatcher is a young teacher accustomed to high society, so she experiences culture shock when she gets her first classroom assignment in Coal Valley. Life in the small mining town is filled with challenges.

A recent explosion has killed more than a dozen of the town's miners, compelling the widows of those men to work in the mines to earn money. One of them -- Abigail Stanton, whose husband was foreman at the site of the tragedy -- welcomes Thatcher and tries to help her adjust to frontier customs.

Constable Jack Thornton is not as welcoming, though, because he believes Thatcher's wealthy father doomed his career by assigning him to Coal Valley so he could protect Elizabeth.

Janette Oke's books about the Canadian West inspired the program.

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Elizabeth: I tried to tell you at the parent-teacher conference. You are her rock. You are her foundation. If you let her down, her whole world crumbles!
Nathan: I know. It's part of the reason I'm trying not to show you how I feel about you! It's why I turned down the promotion to inspector because, believe me, there's nothing I would have welcomed more than to leave here. But Allie finally started putting down roots somewhere. She made friends. She felt safe here. I'd never seen her so happy!
Elizabeth: That's why we have to find a way to make things alright for her! You said yourself. You stayed because she was happy!
Nathan: I said it was part of it.
Elizabeth: I know there's something you haven't told me, and I want you to tell me what it is. Now!
Nathan: At Fort Clay, at Fort Clay, I was the one who was supposed to lead the training mission, not Jack. I was disciplined for an earlier incident, and your husband, Jack, replaced me. I'm sorry, Elizabeth. There was never the right time to tell you. I wanted to.

Elizabeth: I don't want you to have any secret sorrows.
Lucas: [chuckles] Right.
Elizabeth: I want you to share all your joys and sorrows, both privately and publicly. So, I'm hoping that, rather than going for a drive, you might walk me home? [she puts out her hand, and Lucas takes it]