Revenge Review: Forgive and Never Forget

it was a really good episode..
i'm not liking the vibes im getting from padma and aiden.. it seems like they're up to something evil. something hidden between aiden and ashley perhaps?
to see emily cry... heartbreaking.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 336

Jackson: *stuttering, slightly disturbed to Karev* Dude, d-do you see that?
Karev: Yeah man..
Meredith: Show me more.. i'm intrigued

Darby Stanchfield to Reprise Role on Castle

so that story line will be shown in january?


and for me, it seems elections are an enemy to my shows.. they all take a week off :(


Amazing!! it seems so intense and i think it'll be a really emotional episode because meredith will be forced to face lexie's death and show true emotions..
hopefully there's at least a small tribute to lexie

Revenge Sneak Peek: Hugging It Out

the murderous look on victoria's face
"so glad you're safe"??

Castle Sneak Peek: Under Arrest!

yeah... of course he's innocent
not super excited for it (i mean we waited an extra week) but of course imma watch it

Grey's Anatomy Review: Making Strides

FIRST EPISODE SHOWN THAT DIDNT MAKE ME CRY...but i did get a little misty.
I really enjoy the friendship between cristina and thomas.
i hate how she slept with parker but loved when she blew him off to meet thomas. But i do wanna see cristina back in seattle with hunt. they haven't had any cardio surgeries back in seattle

Emily, Kara, Mason

oh my gosh..
i wonder if kara will recognize who her true daughter is?

Revenge Photo Preview: Kara vs. Victoria!

was that mason treadwell?
kara hugging victoria... thats a sight to see
clash of the slightly unhinged titans lol