iZombie Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Chivalry Is Dead

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What a cliffhanger! 

Overall, iZombie Season 4 Episode 8 was a rather bland hour as far progressing the storylines. The best parts of the hour plot-wise were the first and last five minutes. 

We need to talk about Peyton and Isobel!

King Clive - iZombie Season 4 Episode 8

There are a handful of ways Peyton and Liv's friendship could play out after the cliffhanger on iZombie Season 4 Episode 7. Peyton has often been the one who balances put Liv by being logical and rational. She's a quintessential lawyer in that way. 

As a lawyer and advocate for the law and justice, the last thing I expected was for her to want to join Liv's underground human-smuggling operation. That was the second shocking part of the hour. 

You know what? I LOVE this! 

Star-Crossed Former Lovers - iZombie Season 4 Episode 8

For so long Peyton has come across as the killjoy of their group. She also has the unfortunate displeasure of being left out of most of the crucial plots because she doesn't work with Liv or live with Major. 

In this case, she's allowed to be Liv's partner-in-crime, quite literally, for one of the most significant quests Liv has had on the series to date. It's fitting that her first and best friend of the series is by her side for this. She's keeping her other life as Renegade secret from everyone else, and she needs to be able to bounce ideas off of someone. 

Blaine Breaks In - iZombie Season 4 Episode 8

Perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising that Peyton would forego everything she typically stands for to aide Liv and her band of coyotes. It's coming off of that grating meeting she had with Chase and Major where it finally hit her that working for the Mayor of New Seattle doesn't mean shite when the only one in the city with power is Chase. 

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What good is working at the Mayor's office or a DA's office when the city is no longer a democracy and the criminal justice system at a larger scale is at the mercy of Chase? What's the purpose of her position anymore? 

I can understand Peyton questioning her purpose in her new job and itching for a new one. She saw what the Fillmore Graves method of doing things looks like, and she understandably doesn't approve. She also saw what it was doing to her friend. 

Besties in Crime

It's possible that the meeting with Chase and Major is what finally pushed her into a different direction instead of possibly playing the middle. Seeing as the series has been operating in extremes with many of the issues plaguing New Seattle, Peyton was driven to support Liv.

I didn't expect Peyton to turn Liv over, but I didn't expect her to be all-in with human-smuggling at the risk of her job and reputation. At the moment, she's compelled to serve a purpose and make a difference, and she's been seeing firsthand things that neither Chase nor Liv have seen up close. 

Peyton has been a unique position where she sees all of the suffering and the starving zombies and "little" people. That's why it's interesting that with all the things she has witnessed firsthand, she has chosen to align herself with Liv and immerse herself in a human smuggling operation that will lead to more zombies coming into the city. 

Star-Crossed Former Lovers - iZombie Season 4 Episode 8

The views of fans during this zombie crisis is as polarized as real life opinions on politics, and it has led to some interesting discussions that may even appear in the comment sections below, but New Seattle is a world of gray that's still begging people to pick sides. 

Peyton chose a side, and it's unexpected. What do you think about her choice? Do you think she's aligning herself with Liv because she feels it's the right thing to do, or do you think she's only choosing her because she's against Chase? 

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Personally, I never found Peyton so relatable, and given the fact that she's often been the weakest series regular character on a series where they're all great, it's nice that Peyton is coming into this new facet of their world. 

Hell, I couldn't help but smirk when it was revealed that she got the cash before Blaine and Mr. Boss. Atta girl! 

Mr. Boss; This is Blaine. He'll be eating you tonight.

Mr. Boss' return was everything you'd expect? By that I mean, pretty darn awesome considering. He's nothing if not entertaining. He was smuggled into New Seattle hoping to find his money launderer and his cash. 

He felt Blaine was the right person to help him do it. Of course, Blaine isn't as powerful as Mr. Boss thought, but Blaine is calculating and creative. 

Blaine using Angus's flock to overturn that prison bus led to the funniest moments of the hour. The entire attack equipped with snarky commentary and was that "The meals on the bus go down, down, down" playing in the background? This show, you guys, it's too much sometimes. 

Rioting Religious Fanatics - iZombie Season 4 Episode 8

What's interesting is that Angus and Blaine had a brief but enlightening chat when Angus and the crew came for dinner. Angus is mentally off. He truly believes in everything he's preaching.

He's also susceptible to Blaine's manipulations. Once Blaine took the emotions of his abusive father being back in his life out of the equation, he may have realized that he can easily manipulate his father. That's a far cry from the Blaine vs. Angus standoff that seemed more likely. Talk about taking an unexpected curve. 

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Is Mr. Boss sticking around for the remainder of the season? He didn't get his money, so this may bring up some interesting scenarios if Blaine figures out that Peyton took the money. Blaine, regardless of how wicked he is, he still has genuine feelings for Peyton, and I can't imagine him allowing any harm to come to her. 

Liv: Isabel of Idaho, I welcome you to the brotherhood of zombies. Live undead with a true heart and do naught but good.
Isabel: Uh, how long does it take to kick in?

Now, let's talk about that ending! What does it mean? Isobel is immune to the zombie scratch. This changes everything! 

If I haven't mentioned it before, I've been itching for Ravi to get his science on. We haven't seen him heavily getting back into his scientific studies or making any more headway in zombie cures or vaccinations. 

Hell, it would be nice if Fillmore Graves, a military operation that should totally have scientists somewhere up in there had their own scientist trying to figure out a zombie vaccination, a zombie cure, or even a way to make synthetic zombie brains a la Tru Blood. 

Isobel's Immunity

Isobel is a human immune to the zombie scratch, and she needs to be taken to Ravi immediately. Of course, this also means that Ravi will be in the underground operation too, but he's down for the cause, right? 

If it's possible that Isobel is immune, does that mean her blood can be used for a vaccination or a cure? What is her illness, and does this mean they have to race to figure out what's happening to her before she dies? 

What does this mean?!  Sitting through an hour of LARPing was worth it when it led up to that cliffhanger. 

Other Brain Bits: 

  • Liv's Renne-fair accent was entertaining, and the way Liv's "super protective of Clive streak" came out in full force was aces. 
  • Clive is a colossal dork. He shouldn't bother pretending of fighting it. He would give role-playing a spin during his free time. You know it, I know, everyone knows it.
  • Major's fake southern accent, however, was amusing. 
  • Major is clearly playing the long game trying to figure out what Russ is up to, but he sure as hell is getting dragged into some sketchy stuff. Zombies with axes? Wowza! 
  • I'm disappointed in how emotionally manipulative Dale is being with Clive. She may not mean to be that way, but she is, and he doesn't deserve that. 

Over to you iZombie fanatics, did you love Liv on Renne Fair brain? Why is Isobel immune to the scratch? Will Peyton be in Mr. Boss' crosshairs?

Hit the comments below!

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Chivalry Is Dead Review

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