Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Triggers

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Kara may not be back to her old self yet on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2, but she's learning more and more what it means to be human. 

Fear is a very human emotion. It's one we all experience, and like Kara, must learn to overcome. 

Winn's device was no match for Psi's abilities, but with a little help from Alex, Kara was able to face her fears. 

Supergirl Vs Psi - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2

We all love and miss happy, light-hearted Kara, but this "broken" version is sure letting Melissa Benoist show her range. Watching her confess to Winn everything Psi made her experience was intense and heartbreaking. 

Kara needed to confide in someone, but she should know better when it comes to Winn. He's a great guy and a good friend, but he can't keep a secret if his life depended on it. All Alex has to do is stare him down or lift a finger, and he's singing like a canary. 

Kara can't be mad at him for spilling; she should have expected it. Maybe deep down she did. 

Alex: Why didn't you tell me that you saw Krypton? That you were having panic attacks?
Kara: I didn't want you to worry.
Alex: You fight the most dangerous and evil people on the planet, so I'm kinda always going to worry.

We got not one, but TWO touching heart-to-hearts between the Danvers sisters. These moments are the best of the series, and the more we get, the better. It's been about the two of them from the beginning, and Kara needs her sister now more than ever. 

Her heartbreak over losing Mon-El is consuming her to the point where she wants to suppress all her human emotions and just focus on being Supergirl. Then Psi comes along and threatens to take even that away from her, and then what is she left with?

Alex. She'll always have Alex. 

Something tells me that it won't be long before Alex is the one leaning on Kara for emotional support. Fighting over a DJ versus a band for your wedding is one thing, but disagreeing on having kids is a much bigger issue. 

Is this the catalyst that will break Sanvers apart? 

We know Floriana Lima is only going to recur this season, so we've been preparing ourselves for an eventual breakup. No amount of preparation is going to make it any easier though. They're just perfect together. 

Still, disagreeing on kids is one of those issues that can break apart even the happiest and most in-love couples. 

They rushed into this relationship and engagement, not wanting to waste any time in a world where danger lurks at every corner, but the downfall of that is that they never stopped to talk about this important issue. 

The way Alex sat next to Kara on that couch implied pretty heavily that the conversation finally happened, and didn't go well. 

If their disagreement on such an important topic is what breaks them apart, at least it's a good reason. Alex would make a wonderful mother someday. Who knows, maybe sometime down the line, Maggie will change her mind and return a la Richard on Friends. 

For now, I say we just enjoy them while it lasts. 

First Day - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2

We got to dig into the everyday lives of Sam and Ruby. The writers are obviously trying to make us fall in love with this mother/daughter duo before they rip the rug right out from under us. 

I have never read the comics, so I don't know much about Reign, but I'm on board with watching her story come together. 

It's hard to imagine that this sweet, hardworking, single mother is going to become a villain, but that's what makes it interesting. 

What will be the catalyst that throws her over the edge? I'm hoping it's not Ruby's death because that would be a little too dark. Ruby believes her mom is a superhero, what will she think when her mom becomes a supervillain instead? 

Making us sympathetic to these characters is going to make it that much harder for us to root against her when she eventually faces off with Supergirl. Let's face it; we know it's coming. The introductions have been made. They'll probably start off as friends, and Kara will struggle with bringing her to justice when the time comes. 

James: I don't consider myself a chaperone. I consider myself a person who's been running this company for a year.
Lena: All right, Mr. Olsen. I have a meeting with the advertising department in twenty minutes. I'll see you there.
James: You'll see me in nineteen.
Lena: Twenty will be fine.

There's an interesting power struggle happening between Lena and James. James already feels threatened, and it's hard to blame him. He's been running the show for a year, and he obviously wasn't expecting Lena to become this involved in CatCo.

After all, she did admit to Kara she knows nothing about the media business. 

So, maybe her showing up every day and holding meetings with every department is just an innocent way of learning the company she just bought. Or maybe James is right to feel threatened. 

It's hard to see her firing him knowing he's Kara's friend, but she may want to take over most of his duties and be the new Cat Grant. It's odd that she would want to invest so much time into CatCo and basically abandon L-Corp to Sam though.

I guess she's comfortable enough with L-Corp that she doesn't feel the need to be there as often, kind of like how JJ Abrams and Shonda Rhimes jump to a new show as soon as the old one is off the ground. 

Police Can't Help - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2

The more Lena spends time at CatCo, the harder it is going to be for Kara to keep her secret. She's constantly rushing off to her Supergirl duties, and she doesn't have Winn to cover for her anymore. 

It begs the question, is it time for Kara to come clean to Lena? If she finds out on her own, it could be disastrous for their friendship. Still, we can't have everyone know the big secret. Some people have to stay in the dark. 

The sad/lonely opening montage was really well done. Here's hoping Kara is back to her old self soon. I don't mind this version for a little while, especially with how Benoist is knocking it out of the park, but we need the cheery Kara back as soon as possible. 

Do you guys agree? Do you think Kara should tell Lena the truth? Is this the end of Sanvers? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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Triggers Review

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Winn: I thought you couldn't read Kryptonian minds.
J'onn: I can't, but I can scan her mind for residual psychic activity.
Winn: Remind me to get you a "world's best boss" mug.

Winn: I don't think I should get involved.
Maggie: Because you're on my side, aren't you?
Alex: Oh yeah, right.
Winn: Well...
Alex: What? Wait, I saved your life!
Winn: Yeah, but like so has everybody else here.