I know that you've been struggling for the past few months, and I have been trying to get you to embrace your humanity, but forget that. Be cold. Be Kryptonian. I don't know why, but this thing really scares me. So, please, be alien.


James: Hey, so we're alive.
Lena: Yeah, well thank God I was here.
James: You okay?
Lena: It's just my quarterly assassination attempt.

The lost gods must fall for a new god to rise. And her rise will come at the fall of the righteous. And she will reign, unless you stand and smite her.


Winn: You probably don't know what Star Wars is.
J'onn: Excuse me? The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie sequel of all time.
Winn: I mean I just love you more and more each day.

Kara: Okay, come and get your egg nog!
Alex: Uh, yeah, but be warned, this is not your grandmother's recipe. Oh, this is highly potent, intoxicating deliciousness.

Alex: What did I do? Do you know what I did?
Kara: Not the specifics, no.

Barry: What happened with Mon-El?
Kara: What didn't happen? The end of the world.
Barry: Faced that three times.
Kara: Time travel.
Barry: I've been there a lot.
Kara: He's married to someone else.
Barry: Oh. That's...I've got nothing for that, I'm sorry.

Alex: You're right. This is not a time for us to go out, or have any fun. This is our time to wallow, to drown our sorrows, and put on break up weight.
Kara: No.
Alex: I was just kidding. I know that you are incapable of putting on weight, which I totally resent.

J'onn: Supergirl, identify the threat so we can help you fight it.
Winn: Whatever it is, it came out of deep orbit and it is maaad.
J'onn: So it's alien?
Winn: Well, it's definitely not NASA.
Kara: Dominator. These guys are so last year.

The truth never hurts as much as secrets.


Winn: Listen, we only have your best interests at heart.
Kara: So, uh, which of you two is deciding what my best interests are?

Kara: When I saw you on that ship, oh my god, I felt like could hope again. I could touch you...and see you and hear you and be with you, finally. But you're different. [pause] You have nothing to say? Nothing?
Mon-El: I'm sorry.
Kara: [Resigned] Shame on me for having a human heart.

Supergirl Quotes

The thing that makes women strong, is that we have the guts to be vulnerable. We have the ability to feel the depths of our emotion, and we know that we will walk through it to the other side.


Alex: I have a conference in Geneva and I have to be on a plane in two hours.
Kara: And I have a blind date in a half an hour and I need you to help me pick out what to wear. I win.