Sara: Oliver?
Oliver: It's okay Sara, this is my destiny.
Barry: Oliver-
Oliver: Barry, you, my friend, are the very best of us. I gave it all up for you and Kara.
Barry: What do you mean?
Oliver: I need the two of you to be the ones to save us now. Mia.
Mia: Dad.
Oliver: Don't forget to find your mother, find William. Tell them how much I love them. I love you Mia. You keep me in your heart, okay?

You are a good man, on every Earth.


Clark: How are you so hopeful right now? You've lost as much as I have today -- Argo, your mom.
Kara: Before our parents sent us to Earth, nobody here knew about Krypton. Now there are stories, celebrations, museum exhibits. Just like you shared our home with your family, we shared our home with this whole world. Krypton's not just a place -- it's a spirit. It's hope. It's sacrifice. It's what our parents did for us. What you did for Jonathan. We have made our parents proud by fighting for what's right. So, we have to keep fighting. And as long as that spirit is alive, Krypton will never die.

Sara: Mercedes Benz was Janis Joplin's last song. I'm gonna tell that trivia host.
Ray: Sara? So you remember last year at Woodstock when I was supposed to steal a lock of Janis Joplin's hair without her noticing?
Sara: Yeah.
Ray: Well, she noticed. And she called me little robot man.
Sara: Well, congratulations. You changed history and lost us trivia night.

Kara: Kal, Lois-
Lois: Kara? In pants?

Kara: The Monitor freed Mal? I didn't even know he was of this universe.
Brainy: Yes, I thought The Monitor was a Flash and Green Arrow's problem.

The Monitor: When I saw you fight in Elseworlds, I could see that you were a great warrior. But, one plagued by his past, and that made you vulnerable. You believed it was because you left Mars, but it was something far, far greater J'onn -- your brother. But, now that you have faced those demons, you have come to learn your vulnerabilities are your strengths. And now you are ready.
J'onn: Ready for what?
The Monitor: A crisis.

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You have every reason to fear my brother. I can't promise you that Malefic has changed for good. People make mistakes and they do terrible things. We have to let them do better, bring them back into the light. Otherwise, what's the point in trying to save everyone?


Alex: Your choice to conceal your identity wasn't born out of a place of maliciousness. It was born out of love and compassion. You were just trying to protect your family and you were trying to protect Lena from people who could use that information to hurt us. And look, I love Lena too. I am deeply upset by what's going on. But, this isn't just two friends who are in a fight, this is someone who has turned a corner.
Kara: No, this is not her, this is not our Lena.
Alex: Well who is our Lena? I mean, she knew that Lex was out of prison and she said nothing. She kept Sam Arias locked in a sub-basement at L Corp knowing that she was Reign and she said nothing. She knows how to make kryptonite and she kept that hidden from us. Lena is leading her own double life.
Kara: You are making her sound like a Luthor.
Alex: Maybe that's because she is one. We can't put our faith in some distant hope that she is going to do the right thing. And, when every single action that she has taken up until now points to the contrary. Okay, we have to stop her Kara. The safety of the world depends on that.
Kara: She is not Lex. I will not treat her like a villain.
Alex: I know you won't. That's why I have to.

Kara: You spent years trying to be open and trusting. Even when everyone expected you to be like your family. Even when everyone in your life let you down. Even when I was weak and lied to you knowing that all you ever asked for was the truth. You were always better. Lex took advantage of my weakness and used it to manipulate you. He wanted my mistakes to change you. He wanted you to become him. But, you are nothing like him. Nothing. Don't let my mistakes turn you into something you're not.
Lena: I am good. And I always was. Lex didn't change me and you didn't change me either. You just exposed me to the ugliness of humanity. You did me a favor Kara. I learned what kind of deceitful person you really are and that's what inspired me to do this.

Alex: When you met me, I was just half a person. I was still hurting from my own wounds, and you, you helped me heal. You know, from wounds to scars to just memories, and that's all I want to do for you. Okay? I want to help you heal, I want to be with you and face down your fears and do it together. I want to help you heal.
Kelly: And, what if that's not possible?
Alex: Well I know that it is.
Kelly: How?
Alex: Because you healed me. I meant it when I said that you feel like home.
Kelly: You feel like home too.

I'm not a villain. You shouldn't have treated me like one.


Supergirl Quotes

Beth: You know it's true what they say, behind every great man is a strong woman.
Lena: I wouldn't know, I've never stood behind a man.

Kara: If I leave you here, Alex will never forgive me.
Jeremiah: Kara if you die here, there will be no one to forgive.