I have done terrible things to protect myself and the people I love. But it has never kept me safe from pain. It's just brought me a new kind of misery. And I moved further and further away from the person I was until one day I woke up and I was utterly alone.


I know you must feel like there's no way out. But it is when things feel their most hopeless that we have to dig down deep to do what's right. Otherwise the bad guys win.


Lena: Please Kara, I'm sorry. Okay, I truly believed what I was doing was helping people.
Kara: I told you I don't want to talk about the past.
Lena: Oh, come on, you can scream at me if you like. I know I deserve it. I know now that working with Non Nocere was a mistake. That working with Lex was a mistake.
Kara: This isn't about Lex! This is about J'onn and Alex and all the other people that could've been killed today because they are on my team. Don't you understand that?
Lena: No, I do. Of course I do.
Kara: No you don't. You have never understood what it means to share a secret identity with someone. How much danger that puts them in. You never even understood that I kept my identity from you because I wanted to protect you! And I know, I know that I hurt you by waiting so long to tell my truth, but what about all the ways you hurt me? You pretended to be my friend for weeks just so you could manipulate me. You stole from me. You convinced me to steal for you. And then, then you even, you used Kryptonite on me. I made one mistake, one mistake that was only ever meant to protect you, and in return, all you did was hurt me in every way imaginable.
Lena: I'm sorry.
Kara: I know you are. But if you came to me looking for absolution, I can't give it to you.

Female Brainy: But if you enter the ship without Lex's anti-radiation pin, you'll die.
Brainy: I pushed away everyone I love because you told me I must. You were right. This planet, my friend, it's worth it. I called you here simply because I don't wanna die alone.

Nia: This is just like the beginning of Deathly Hollows.
Kara: Moody and Hedwig died.
M'gann: You lost comrades in battle? My condolences.

You know I pride myself on seeing things. Connections where others only see coincidence. Pathways where others see only walls. I anticipate everything. But I must admit, I did not expect you to live in a casino.


I have made a terrible mistake. I was hurt. I was so hurt. And I thought I could get rid of the hurt. I thought that I knew better, that I could make the world a better place. But I was wrong. That hurt took me down a dark, dark path where I was blind to what I was really doing, to what I'd become. You were right. This whole time I became a villain. And I'm not looking for forgiveness. I know what I said and I know what I did, but I am really hoping that you will believe me right now, okay? Lex is working with Leviathan and they are going to use Obsidian to do something terrible using the system that I made with my project. I didn't know I was helping them, but I did. And now I want to help stop them. Please, okay? I want to help stop Lex and Leviathan.


You're a monster. But that doesn't mean I have to be one too.


Pain is a necessary part of being human, of life. And I was delusional to think that I could save people, or fix it. Humanity will always try to protect itself, to evolve. You can't stop that.


Brainy: Nia.
Nia: No! When you took off your inhibitors, I swore to be there for you no matter what. But maybe I was wrong. Because I don't know who this Brainy is. But I know I don't like him, and I definitely don't trust him.

Evolution is a bitch.


Pete: I'm a huge fan of yours. Your use of syntax and imagery is sublime, suggesting a much deeper understanding of language than just modern English.
Kara: Uh, thank you.
Pete: Did you spend a lot of time growing up in foreign countries?
Kara: Uh, no. We're Midvale born and raised.
Alex: Yep. Yep.
Kara: Although, right now I feel a little like Eliza Doolittle. The rain in Spain...stays, um, mainly in the plain.

Supergirl Quotes

Beth: You know it's true what they say, behind every great man is a strong woman.
Lena: I wouldn't know, I've never stood behind a man.

Nia: How do you feel? Uninhibited?
Brainy: Something like that.