Suits Review: Another You Problem

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There were a whole lot of "you problems" taking place in Suits Season 4 Episode 6 - and every single one only lead to more trouble for everyone involved.

Mike didn't tell Forstman about his rendezvous with Harvey or his deal with Forstman. Rachel visited Logan, but rather than come clean, she convinced Mike to ask for more in the Gillis deal than just the buyout; and Louis didn't make it to Harvey in time to prevent another folly.

In the end, everyone ended up paying.


Going down the rabbit hole is the most dangerous journey anyone can take. And many of our favorite people took it this week.

First there was Mike. We knew nothing but trouble could come from his decision to cut Sidwell out, yet he was so blinded by his decision to take Harvey on that he completely ignored it and kept right on going.

He should have come clean when he had the chance. Didn't it suck to see Amy just sit there and watch Mike leave? I thought Mike might get his own Donna - as if anyone could really reach her level!

But he wasn't helped at all. Rachel did, after all, pursue Logan by going to his place. One would assume Logan would have been smart enough not to take advantage, but Rachel was sending mixed signals. Then, to cover up her indiscretions, she put his deal in jeopardy, sending a lot more into motion than she could have realized, including, ultimately, Mike's termination.

How did she contribute to his firing? Well, think about it a minute. If Mike hadn't thought he had all the leverage, he wouldn't have gone in so hot on the Gillis deal and taken Rachel's idea to push Logan out. If he hadn't chosen that path, then Harvey wouldn't have been forced to clean up and go to Forstman, who ultimately went back to Sidwell and sold him out.

Mike should have taken that job offer. Ok, maybe he did the right think by taking a pass.

Surprisingly enough, it was the Forstman route that also tripped up Louis, in perhaps the most unexpected turn of events, and the one that probably exposes the firm in the most profound way possible. Louis was looking like the man when Jessica came to him to double-check Jeff's work.

It was looking good when it turned out the way the sale went down actually invalidated it. What wasn't cool was the fact that Louis' discovery didn't make it to Harvey on time, and the solution to that oversight cost Louis even more. Now that he's been asked to make a sketch move, the questionable move Jeff made seems like a blessing compared to the flagrant decision Louis made to turn the other cheek to keep Harvey proud of him.

The house of cards has fallen, Suitors, and so far no one is left standing.

Who were you feeling the worst for at the end of the installment?

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