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On Suits Season 5 Episode 7, Esther is back, but will Louis find out about her tryst with Harvey? Check out these all new photos from "Hitting Home" to find out!
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On Suits Season 5 Episode 6, Harvey and his therapist end up on opposite sides of the same case, but will Harvey's rough tactics end up pushing her away for good?
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On Suits Season 5 Episode 6, Harvey and Dr. Agard are on opposite ends of a case, and Donna attempts to plan the perfect wedding for Rachel. Check inside to see photos!
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We know it's hot outside, but the men of summer television are making your living rooms even hotter. Here are some of summer's sexiest men!
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On Suits Season 5 Episode 5, the nefarious Travis Tanner returns, claiming to be a changed man. Can Harvey afford to believe him with so much on the line?
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On Suits Season 5 Episode 4, Louis's sister is in town settling her divorce, but will sparks fly between her and Harvey? Read on to find out how Amy Acker fared on Suits!
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Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams anchor this series. It focuses on a corporate lawyer who teams up with a college dropout.

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Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


Unless you're looking to make me breakfast tomorrow, I think we're done.