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Suits Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Shame

Suits Review: Shame

On Suits Season 7 Episode 9, Louis went to extreme measures as he reacted to his night of passion with Sheila. We have the full review of the episode!
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Suits Round Table: A New Beginning?

Suits Round Table: A New Beginning?

On Suits Season 7 Episode 8, the group put up a fight to win the prison case, but it caused a lot of drama for the characters. How did our panelists feel about the twists?
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Suits Season 7 Episode 8 Review: Happy 100!

Suits Review: Happy 100!

On Suits Season 7 Episode 8, the prison storyline came to a grinding halt as everyone figured out their next move. How did it all play out?
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Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams anchor this series. It focuses on a corporate lawyer who teams up with a college dropout.

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Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


That's the difference between you and me, you wanna lose small, I wanna win big...