Suits Round Table: "Litt the Hell Up"

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Things are a shambles on Suits as Mike got fired, Rachel kissed Logan and Louis went too far to impress Harvey.

Below, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando get "Litt the Hell Up" as they debate mixed signals, telling the truth and favorite moments from Suits Season 4 Episode 6


Has Rachel been giving Logan mixed signals or has he been reading her wrong?

Chandel: I think a little of both. Rachel definitely doesn't seem to be 100% herself as we know her, and all Logan remembers is the Rachel he had an affair with. It's fair to say those Rachels are probably very different people, but it's hard to tell that when she's struggling in her personal and professional life in different ways, and then her ex-lover gets thrown into the mix.

As a result, Logan just pursues Rachel like he did way back when and he doesn't think she's serious when Rachel says to back off because she's not sure what she wants.

Christine:  Yes, she is but she's also highly stressed, exhausted, and thrown into a situation with an ex-lover that she never expected. And Logan is looking for reasons to think they have another shot. 

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Should Rachel tell Mike she kissed Logan?

Chandel: Definitely. The mistake this installment was that people were taking too long getting around to telling the truth. Rachel should just clear the air immediately. She was right when she told Donna that Mike found the courage to let her in on his secret. She needs to do the same.

Christine:  No! The guy just lost his job. Does he really need to hear that his girlfriend kissed her ex-lover? That might send him right over the edge. Rachel needs to be clear about what she wants and if it's Mike, she needs to make sure she cuts all ties with Logan, even if it means upsetting Harvey at work. 

What is it about Harvey that makes Louis willing to do anything to gain his approval?

Chandel:  I wish I knew for sure. I just think Harvey is Louis' idol, but I'm struggling to justify how much weight Louis' gives to Harvey's approval and praise.

Christine:  I'm not sure but it makes me crazy. Louis is a smart attorney with low self esteem which Harvey continually exploits. One day, I'd really love to see Louis turn the tables on him and not feel guilty about it. 

Mike got fired. Was it inevitable and where would you like to see him land?

Chandel:  I knew it couldn't/wouldn't last with Sidwell, especially when he stabbed him in the back like that. Sidwell isn't Specter. I think that's something Mike forgot all too often, so he made mistakes with Sidwell that went unforgiven, whereas with Harvey, there was always a lesson to be learned or some grace shown to some extent. Where should Mike land? That's a big question, and one I don't have the answer to right now.

Christine:  The moment he turned on Sidwell, it was only a matter of time. Mike may not have been cutthroat enough for this business. I'm guessing he'll end up back with Harvey eventually, but it might take awhile. 

Jessica asked Louis to recheck Jeff's work. Does that show a lack of trust in her personal or professional relationship with Jeff?

Chandel: I am struggling to separate the two, so let's just say she's struggling with Jeff issues all around. I think she is so determined not to be blindsided by her feelings that it causes her to be suspicious of Jeff on the professional side at the very least. On the personal side, I think the same holds true, but in this installment it definitely erred on the side of the professional realm.

Christine:  Both. I'm afraid the lines between the professional and personal have blurred together pretty badly.  I always thought Jessica hiring him was a huge mistake and I don't think it's going to end well.

Who wants a Litt Up mug?

Chandel: Me, please. Make it two---one for home and one for the office.

Christine:  Absolutely! I may get a few to give as gifts. 

What was your favorite scene?

Chandel:  Probably Harvey telling Louis that Forstman got "Litt the hell up." He spent the whole episode telling Louis how dumb his mug was, only to use the catchphrase in the end, so that gained Harvey some serious points in my book!

Christine:  I liked when Donna pointed out to Rachel that going to Logan's home was sending him mixed signals. It was nice to hear someone voice the words in my head.

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