Pretty Little Liars Review: Who's Looking Cray-Cray Now

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Until those last few minutes, I was fully prepared to be disappointed this week. But watching Jason get the shaft added a little excitement to an otherwise meandering installment of Pretty Little Liars.

After last week's filler episode, I thought maybe "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" would continue to shift our focus away from the mysteries we desperately want resolved, and I was right...mostly. The show will spin its wheels occasionally to fill out the season, like most programs, and it's up to the fans to find something else to enjoy while we wait for the revelations. 

Hanna in the Middle

Jason's dangerous accident wasn't the only interesting part of the episode. Emily was working with Jason, hoping to keep him from running to Wilden before he had any proof and putting himself in danger. Together the two discovered a picture of Ali on a boat with both Wilden and CeCe Drake. Which was weird because CeCe had just told Emily she didn't know Wilden. 

This revelation causes Jason to share that the night Ali died he remembered seeing Melissa and CeCe talking. He never disclosed it because he was so messed up that night, he was never really sure that it was real. Plus, his being awake would make him suspect.

It seems like maybe Melissa was talking to Wilden that night when she said she'd have to call 911 to get his attention. Either way, it's clear that CeCe's involved somehow, and like all new people in Rosewood, she's got something to hide. Later on, we see her lying to Aria about her car being towed. What was she doing when she was supposedly "getting food"?

CeCe might be the blonde in the red coat, back to avenge Ali's death or to destroy the members of the N.A.T. club. Clearly, Melissa is involved as well, and I'm still baffled that the girls have never pressed her very hard for more information despite her shady actions.

I am also very suspicious of Jason. I know he just got majorly injured, and maybe he secretly left the hospital out of fear for his own safety. But wasn't it weird that once he got Emily out of the elevator he just let the doors close? Perhaps he's setting himself up as the victim to gain the girls' trust. It wouldn't be the first time a member of the A-team has allowed himself to be harmed to avoid suspicion. Remember Toby's fall in "Blond Leading the Blind?" Plus, Jason did have that strange injury that looked about the size and shape of a screwdriver.

As the only pertinent revelations on the episode came from Emily's diligent work, I have to ask: Is Emily the only one working to solve the show's mysteries now?

Just what were there other liars doing this week?

Hanna just had to reunite Caleb with his Uncle/Father Jaime. She's never really upfront about what's motivating her, but I'll bet it has something to do with her own daddy issues. I think it's great that she's trying to help Caleb, and I was happy to see him come around. However, her meddling was over the top and will cause her we can already see. Plus, the whole family-drama just seemed like a way to add drama to the Haleb relationship. Without A keeping them apart, they were in danger of getting stale.

Aria's time with Wes ended up just where we all knew it would, with a kiss. True, they both broke away from it quickly, but there's real chemistry between the two. Age-appropriate chemistry.

And Spencer. Ah, Spencer. This week Emily (who's doing all the heavy lifting lately) finally gave her a verbal slapping by telling her the world doesn't revolve around her and everyone has their own pain to deal with, so stop throwing yours around, Spencer! And Spencer retorted by saying this was the new Spencer so get used to it. If that's the case, I'm seriously considering checking out on this show.

New Spencer is terrible. She's self-absorbed and destructive and not just to herself. Now that A has finally banned Spencer from telling the girls about Toby, will she use that as her new excuse or will it just be something else for her to rebel against?

From the looks of the promo for next week, it seems like Spencer might finally give in and tell her friends. And it's about time!


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Um and how do you know Toby's fall was something he was in on? How do you be was on the A team then? I don't think he was...


i actually think it's an interesting arc for Spencer. She's going through a dark arc. I think it's refreshing from her normally being put together all the time and acting perfect. he's fallen apart. What pisses me off though is that a a GUY drove Spencer to this. Really ? since when does Spencer let a guy affect her THAT much and it really doesnt show her independence. Of course she has ever right to be upset about this, but a guy should not be enough to drive Spencer to darkness.


I like Spencer this way! It's nice to see another side of her.
It just shows how an amazing actress Troian is :)


I thought the girl in the red jacket was Ceci when they showed the flashback from the previous episode so her possibly being the girl in the red jacket is no news to me I never trusted her


I enjoyed last night episode. It was good to see Melissa and Wren again. We haven't seen those characters in a while. Well we did see Melissa in the flashback but it was still nice to see them. I don't like how Spencer is pulling away from her friends but I do understand her pain and why she is lashing out. I like Aria and Wes. It is weird since he is Ezra brother but they have good chemistry together. I don't really care for the Caleb father storyline. I do love anytime that Hanna and Caleb are together. They are so sweet.


More than anyone Spencer has been rung through the ringer by A. (Tho Emily runs a close second.) When she'd finally carved out a safe harbour for herself, she finds out that her alleged safe harbor was helping to torture her. I think she's so enraged, at herself and at Toby and at A and Allison, that she just can't deal. Not yet. However, I think the threat from A will be the impetus to tell someone the truth. Regardless, she needs to tell her friends. Toby is a danger to them. I like Spencer 2.0's tougher and bolder edge. But not her selfishness. At the end of the episode, it looks like she's realizing it. Hopefully she fesses up next week. Always knew Cece and Wilden were suspicious. Why? They live in Rosewood and knew Ali. I do want to believe Jason right now. Spencer just can't have two conniving siblings, right? Wren is back. Mixed feelings. Wes, trying to get with your brother's girl? Not cool, dude. Not cool.


Ok I have to say now Im getting somewhat irritated with this show. Im liking the new Spencer but Im tired of A winning. Time for the girls to rally and fight back and was hoping Mona would get the beatdown she deserves. Cece was my first thought for the girl in the red coat, but Im wondering what the girls did to her to deserve the wrath of A. And I wondering am I the only one who thinks Jason D might have been drugged the night Ali died he has similar symptoms to Emily and Paige when they were drugged.

Spindae 2o

I really like this episode.
Yes the Spencer storyline is getting a bit tired. But manipulating people and crashing Mona was quite funny. It's nice how people are afraid of her and but still funny.
Hanna and Caleb are sweet. And I like how they are growing as a couple not related to run from A or something. But the Dad isn't good deal let's see if he is the dad or just plays the game to get the money.
Aria ! oh so boring ARIA! The only good thing is seeing CeCe along her and her nerdy connections to Wes.
Em! Em and Jason are sweet together, I wouldn't mind them to sweat it OUT! But sadly Em isn't playing that game. But now I'm really bumped by what happened to Jason. Is he Leading the game or is he getting played!?


I think your suspicions about Jason are off. I think the writers have pretty much said he's going to redeem himself. Whatever though...they may do a 180 and change their minds. I think he up and left the hospital because he knew someone was trying to kill him. As soon as Emily closed the curtain it was obvious what would happen.
I think Aria and Wes are cute. I'm sorry but for a girl who loves her boyfriends sooo soo much, she sure kisses a lot of other guys.
I kind of like Spencer these days. No holds barred. Pretty fun. Poor Emily...the only one trying to figure things out.


I thought this episode was pretty awesome. I didn't like the Spencer who was avoiding her friends but loved her outburst with Mona. Aria and Wes, i like them together but why does he have to be Ezra's brother. Emily i too feel is the only one solving the mystery. Hanna is going to have trouble not messing with Caleb's relationship with his dad, he could of been paid with the from the box making him innocent or he stole it. I think Cece is the red coated blonde and Killed Ali and Wilden knows he looks guilty but was only just involved with both and Cece got jealous.

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Aria: Pretty sure when you and Caleb broke up you locked yourself in your bedroom for two weeks and all you ate was Eskimo pies.
Hanna: They were skinny cows, and it was four days.

I think we would know if Spencer was here. People would be running for cover.


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