The Vampire Diaries Review: Hitting the Mark

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You got me, Vampire Diaries.

Following a few lackluster Season 4 episodes, you reeled me back in with "A View to A Kill" and, yes, you did it by bringing out the humanity in both Rebekah and Klaus. You did it via some very cool action sequences that resulted in the Gilberts taking out Kol. You did it by making me believe in Strebekah as a couple.

But, let's be honest: you mostly did it with your shout-out to Bon Jovi.

Reacting to Stefan

Unlike the rock anthem that helped turn Rebekah on to the 80s, this episode was all about wanting Kol dead... or dead. It was a mission shared by Elena, Jeremy, Matt, Stefan and even the Original's siblings.

Was the return of Kol random and unexplained? Yes, but not as random and unexplained as Bonnie's father having "sources" that can pump vervain into the town's water. But more importantly, it served an important purpose here: the hour felt coherent, it felt well-paced, it built to a fatal crescendo that heated up both Kol's body and the search for The Cure.

Everyone is now on the same team, really. They may want the elixir for different purposes, but that will simply serve to make it that much more interesting when they actually find it. For now, everyone and everything has been brought together.

There's a common purpose among our favorite Mystic Falls residents, as that concluding scene perfectly combined interpersonal relationships and conflicts (Damon vs. Stefan! Bonnie vs. her parents! Matt vs. the temptation to wear his varsity jacket!) with one over-arching storyline. High drama/suspense? Mixed with well-layered, intriguing character developments? Sounds like the recipe for what's made The Vampire Diaries so great over the years, doesn't it?

You might say that the closing few moments really hit the mark. Eh? Eh?!? Okay, perhaps only I might say that.

But what made the episode so delightful as it made it way up to the Jeremy shirt rip and the growing of the map?

  • Joseph Morgan. Granted, I could write this every week. But the actor pulled off Klaus' vulnerability with a single look upon asking Damon what he says to Elena... and then went in the complete opposite direction when he flipped the eff out after witnessing Kol's death.
  • Related to the first bullet point, but great exchanges between Damon and Klaus, the show's two bad boys who are sort of alike, except for this well-put difference, as uttered perfectly by Big D: You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dickā€¦ if you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose.
  • Lexi mention!
  • And a Lexi mention that actually fit the situation perfectly. Same for Klaus taunting Damon with how Stefan resisted his compulsion in that gymnasium on The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Great use of callbacks on both accounts.
  • Also a Katherine Pierce mention. Yes, this means she's coming back. Yes, my money is on her being behind that mystery team who sent some random dude into Shane's apartment last week.

Overall, a very well-written episode. Damon quasi bonded with Klaus, Stefan really bonded with Rebekah, Jeremy and Elena worked well together and even the return of Bonnie's mom made sense and brought some intrigue to that dysfunctional family.

Is Bonnie really a ticking time bomb? Can Shane be trusted to lead this giant team to the Cure? Will Silas really bring about the end of the world? Will we ever see Caroline and Tyler again? Are Stefan and Rebekah totally going steady now? You said it, Damon:

Here we go...


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You guys are missing the most important fact - how THE FUCK did Kol manage to miss Elena's heart?!


@Whathappened. You must be channelling me from across the Atlantic. The storyline has been shot to pieces and no longer makes any sense. How in God's name did a newbie vamp and a newbie hunter overpower one of he most powerful vamps in the world? Especially given the context that we say him murder at least 10 newbie vamps the episode before. WHAT THE FUCK? Its like Plec thinks she's writing Twilight and not TVD where newbie vamps are actually the strongest. Oh the look on their faces when Kol turns out to be right, they are acting far too oblivious to the potential danger of Silas. Perfect thinking from our crew....sacrifice the world to protect Elena. I couldn't have summed up the show into any other words any better.


tangerine12, I agree with everything you said. I'm really mad Kol was killed. Like some said - a newbie hunter and a newbie vamp killing of a thousand year old Original with the help of vervainwater (how very convenient they changed it this very episode)... just no!
And, just like the couple of Sage and Finn, Kol had SO MUCH potential as a character. Seriously, do they need to kill off EVERY interesting character - and forget others like Caroline, Tyler, Elijah, Katherine completely? As usual, I liked the Strebekah parts and everything Klaus :-) But I missed Caroline a lot.


And then when these morons DO raise Silas because this gang's total IQ doesn't even breach double-digits and they're naive as FUCK, I hope he murders at least one of them! I have ZERO sympathy or care for any of these characters at this point and will gladly watch two or more of them die and burn!


Smh, I hope Kol comes back. I'm so tired of that dumb stupid ass hack coming up with more and more ridiculous ways to showcase Elena and Damon! HOW THE HELL DOES ELENA OVERPOWER KOL LIKE THAT!?!?!?!?!?! Did that fat fuck forget the rules FOR HER OWN SHOW?! Her desire for Elena's vagina and Damon's dick is really starting to affect this show negatively. I hope Klaus burns down the Gilbert house, rips Jeremy's heart out, slits Elena's neck and rips her head off, and stakes both of the Salvatores


Ok, this entire episode was a rip-off from fanfiction and fan forums: 1. Elena gets called "Mary Sue" vampire by Kol - check 2. Bonnie's mom calls out being "done with helping Elena Gilbert" - check 3. Kol liking witches - a shout out to Kennett fans - check 4. Klaus asking Damon on how has managed to forgive Damon after everything he has done - check 5. Klaus admitting he is team SE and how Stefan fought the compulsion to feed on Elena and that's "real love" I could go on, the LOLs are making it hard to.


Seriously, doesn't anyone else think that its absolutely ridiculous that Kol, an original vampire is killed by a newbie vampire (Elena) and equally newbie hunter (Jeremy)? And another thing, Elena and Jeremy just killed a whole bunch of vampires, many of whom might just be innocent souls. So much for a conscience huh? I do think they have to many characters to manage. You'd think Caroline and Tyler would be there to help the Gilbert clan kill Kol. However, loved Klaus and Damon together. Bloody brilliant.


dear Juli plec
i know that you might end the show with Stefan and Elena and am ok with that but make Rebekah happy at the end do not kill her off if you ca not give her Stefan at least give her what she wants and let her be happy because for a person to be as good as her it takes a lot of courage and he keeps giving her heart and she get bad thins in return so please just make her happy all i need from this show will be to see her happy because good people deserve happy endings a do not know if you will read this or not i just wanted to say it so it is out there in the air so please do not give her a bad ending and also i enjoyed the episode


Really Strebekah as a couple. How do you see that? When she's an Original going to N.O. for spinoff. Really not gone end good for Rebekah. Stefan is kinda being a huge vaJJ. The big surprise on TVF is the lack of CW trolls. Contrive KILLING of KOL.


I never used to be impressed with Rebekkah's character, but I am now. How do we know that she's redeemed herself with Stefan? How do we know that when all the chips are down, she won't side with her brother? It will be interesting to see how her character plays out. Overall, I liked this episode, even though there were some ridiculous moments (like the scene with Elena and Jeremy killing Kol) -- just bad and predictable writing there, because there's no way Kol would not kill Elena when he had the chance. When she came after him when he was trying to chop off Jeremy's arms, I saw that coming a while away. Still, there was a lot more to love than hate in this episode. I'm also looking forward to the Originals spinoff and to seeing more of the magnificent Joseph Morgan. The Originals deserve their own show because they are an interesting bunch.

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