Vampire Diaries Round Table: "A View to A Kill"

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The Vampire Diaries really hit the mark on "A View to A Kill," bringing most main characters together by the end in the name of one vital purpose: finding that cure.

On the way there, they danced to 80s music and made references to sexual handbooks. In other words: they ensured this would be an especially fun installment of the TV Fanatic Round Table!

Gather around now with staff writers Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Matt: Everything about the dance... with the exception of Caroline not being around to organize it. But I loved the 80s references, both musical and and theatrical. Also adored vulnerable Rebekah and positively hilarious Stefan. I hope you like The Cure? HA!

Leigh: This was the best episode I've seen in awhile, so it's a tough choice. But I guess I'd say Team Gilbert finally taking out Kol. TVD builds stuff up all the time, it was good to see a plan executed for once. No pun intended, sorta.

Miranda: Absolutely everything about Damon and Klaus in the basement. Hearing Damon's "if you're gonna be bad, be bad with a purpose" was...well, hot. And also true. Klaus is a brat. Damon gets stuff done. There's a weird Bromance-but-we-hate-each-other vibe with those two that I love.

Steve: Two words: Villain bonding.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

What is your favorite 1980s movie?
Matt: Rocky IV. But, to Stefan's credit, I can understand why this didn't make his list. The - SPOILER ALERT! - death of Apollo Creed would have put a damper on the dance.

Leigh: Sixteen Candles or St. Elmo's Fire. Honorable mention is Lloyd Dobler boombox scene, epic.

Miranda: If we're going Brat Pack movies, The Breakfast Club by a mile. Favorite 80s movie in general goes to Back To the Future. Who DIDN'T want a Delorean that ran on old beer and banana peels and would zap you to whenever you wanted to go so long as you could get it to 88 miles per hour and channeled 1.21 gigawatts of electricity?

Steve: Ferris Bueller's Day Off always gets me. Among those Stefan name-checked, I'd say The Breakfast Club. Wouldn't you love to see our beloved, feuding TVD characters reenact it in detention some week?

What would be the name of Damon's Revenge Sex Handbook?
Matt: Doing It Like Damon: How to Stake 'Em Where It Counts.

Leigh: Kama Salvatore: Revenge Edition. There should be a Kama Salvatore in general because the things those boys have probably learned over the years could fill books.

Miranda: 50 Shades of Damon: Revenge Sex edition.

Steve: There Will Be Blood, Lust: A Vampire's Guide to Revenge Sex by Damon Salvatore (Foreword by Sage).

Stefan and Rebekah. How sold are you on these two as a couple?
Matt: Completely. The Lexi comparison was both apt and flattering and we all know there's a history of deep-seated feelings here. Stefan knows the softer side of Rebekah, the one who wants to be made human so she can feel again. She makes him funny and sweet. He makes her fall for Bon Jovi. It's beautiful.

Leigh: Fairly sold actually. They've had chemistry before and they still do. Stefan and Rebekah both have an appreciation for certain things, a sentimentality, if you will.

Miranda: I really like the two of them together. Stefan is one of the only characters, if not THE only, who hasn't had a relationship with more than one other character. I would rather him move on to Rebekah than continually throw the sire bond nonsense in Damon's face as a way to undermine Damon and Elena as a legitimate couple. Plus they look good together and having him with Rebekah means there's a great chance we can see him shirtless more often. So I'm game for it. (And speaking of shirtless? Hulk Jer? Dude's been working out! Yowza!)

Steve: I'm excited to see where it goes. A highlight of the episode for me was how their connection was explored on a deeper level. There's a lot more to their relationship than a lot of us thought. Stefan realized it too when she basically told him to dagger her and he couldn't.

Damon or Klaus: Who is actually the bigger dick?
Matt: Damon. Klaus may be the bigger mass murderer, but Damon acts like a rude jerk on a more frequent basis. A funny rude jerk full of snark and a smirk that could melt most women from 100 feet away... but a rude jerk nonetheless.

Leigh: Ugh, Klaus for sure. Damon owns the fact that he can be a total douchelord. Klaus is whiney and petulant and has never not gotten his way in his life. It gets completely tiresome. I need him to stay trapped in the Gilbert living room for at least an episode.

Miranda: Klaus. He's a dick just because he wants to be and the only time we see even a hint of him wanting to be something else is around Caroline. But then he's drawing pony pictures and slipping into creeper territory. However, after dropping the Rebekah bombshell on Elena the way he did, Damon dropped a few notches. Not cool, dude.

Steve: Klaus, no doubt. While Damon may be spinning some revisionist history when he claims he's only been the bad guy out of necessity, he's not entirely off base. For the most part he does what he does "to get things done" ... whether or not you agree with his purpose, he has one. Klaus, on the other hand, has made a career out of inflicting senseless suffering. Charmingly saying "mate" and "love" a lot can't mask that.

David and sabrina 2014

I may be surprised on what the people say on this episode but I bet this episode was not as great as "Unpleasantville" from season 1. ;P


KOL!!!!! Why O why did thou have to diest!!! :( You were the only one with your head screwed on and your heart in the right place (the latter unfortunately causing your death!) We will miss your sexy-trying-hard-to-sound-quaintly-English-but-failing-miserably-to-hide-the-Aussie-twang-at-the-end-of-your-sentences accent!!! May thy soul burn in peace my friend


It would be great if people used a spelling checker before posting comments. That's all I am asking.


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
-Villain bonding. I love Klaus and Damon's conversation. What is your favorite 1980s movie?
-I was born in the late 1980's and I can't remember any movie I watched that was made during that time. What would be the name of Damon's Revenge Sex Handbook?
-I don't get mad, I get pussy by Damon Salvatore Stefan and Rebekah. How sold are you on these two as a couple?
-I love watching Stefan in a relationship other than the doppelganger but I do thing Rebekah is just a rebound. Damon or Klaus: Who is actually the bigger dick?
-Damon is a badass villain, his lines are hilarious and most of the time he has a purpose when he do bad things. Klaus on the other hand is pure evil, he is so mad at everything and wan't to kill just about everyone(well except for Caroline).

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - Team Gilbert was so freaking awesome! I loved every single second of Damon and Klaus quasi-bonding too. But my favourite moment was Damon punching Steffie. I was like, FINALLY! I am so sick of Stefan throwing the sire bond at Damon and Elena's face every two seconds. I swear, he mentions it like 50 times each episode. How old is he? GROW UP! Favourite 80s movie - probably "Some kind of wonderful". Damon's Revenge Sex Handbook - LOL, Matt :D Stebekah - I'm so in. I agree with Miranda, Stefan needs to move on and be with someone other than Elena. Stelena is so done. The writers already screw us over once with last season's finale, they will not do that again. Damon or Klaus - seriously? As much as I love Damon and all of his dick moves, Klaus is the king of dicks, nobody can come close to his level, not even Damon.


1. I really can't pick! Too many great ones.. Love when that happens. I can say that every scene with Bonnie made me want to turn it off tho.
2. Back to the Future. Hands down.
3. Damon Salvatore: A Life.
4. So sold. So much so, that it'll never happen. Only the best cupels on this show are the ones that never happen. (watch out Delena, you're just about done. *sob*)
5. Klaus. Damon's right, he doesn't mind being the bad guy because things need to get done, and no-one wants to do it, so he picks up the slacks. He's a jerk, but it has a point, most of the time.. Klaus really is just doing this to be a dick. Not that it matters to me what so ever. He is still my favorite character.


1. Villain Bonding. Damon and Klaus are enough to run an entire show! 2. I haven't watched any. And even if I've, I don't know when did they released? 3. I don't know. 50 Shades of Damon? Sounds good. :P 4. I can never trust St.Stefan. Becks is an awesome girl with compassion and emotion but Stefan is just acting like he moved on. He is still into Elena and I don't trust him with Becks..He is like D-Bag to me. Sorry can't help. 5.Klaus. He is a bigger dick. Look. Both are bad. BUT. Damon is balanced and has changed a lot. And Damon does bad coz no one else in Mystic Deadly Falls want to do the bad thing. Like said in the show, to save stupid, delusional 'Children' Damon has got to be the BAD guy. I like both Damon and Klaus. BUT I am in love with Damon and he is perfect. Inner good with Bad habits. I like it. Klaus is just evil. Kills her mother. Daggers Becks for nth time. He is plain evil, its in his nature. He can be a good guy, Caroline is the clue. :P


1. The dance scenes were amazing, Stefan and Rebekah forever!
2. Hmmm, I can't choose!!!
3. A 1, 2, 3 guide to revenge sex by Damon Salvatore.
4. I am... SOLD. LOVE'EM both.
5. Damon is a dick when it comes to Stefan, but Klaus is allround the bigger dick. He is badass without a purpose.


@Maxy I'll take time out to go back, find the episode and refer you to there so you can see where Damon bit into Caroline's neck and she was terrified before she started acting like a happy robot. It will be later on but I'll do it so you understand that rape does not have to be violent per se.


@Maxy simpe question: If someone roofies you and you pass out then he goes on to have sex with you is that sex consensual or another form of rape without the violence? Before u get confused compulsion takes away free will even though the person is still functional.

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