Grimm Review: Cannibals and Kisses

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It only took 11 episodes, but "To Protect and Serve Man" finally began making a hand out of some of this season’s story cards.

Hank Has a Different View

But before getting to Monroe, Juliette and Renard, let’s begin with the case.

As much as I tend to complain when Grimm decides to veer back to its procedural roots, tonight’s episode didn’t bother me in the slightest. It could be due to some of the serial arcs this season because they are slow burning, but then that would take away from the genuinely compelling case.

The reason the case was so captivating was because of the ambiguity surrounding Ferren. Even with the context of the Wesen world seven years later, and Hank wanting to do his best to make sure that he leaves no stones unturned before a man is set to death, it’s still difficult to piece together if Ferren is a man who is truly haunted by these images and reacted out of fear, or if he is something more.

No matter what the end result of Ferren’s character is, it’s great to see Hank continually expand in small moments over the course of this season. The knowing glance between him and Ferren at the end when Ferren asks if he’s seen the faces is a great example of this. Hank’s initiation into Nick’s world has been violent, to the least, and he’s stood steadfast and been an exemplary partner to Nick, but, for Hank, it’s probably nice to know that there are others with similar experiences. 

As for Juliette and Renard, the sooner Monroe concocts and cooks this potion, the better. While it’s nice to see that Renard’s little privacy circle could be on the verge of crashing, it’s hard to know just what Monroe’s actions are going to be. Monroe is very loyal to Nick, but he also has a fondness (not in a gross Renard way thankfully) for Juliette. I’m wondering if he will respect Juliette’s privacy for her sake, and try to help her out of this jam without Nick knowing.

On the other hand, it’s equally as likely Monroe tells Nick everything. Whatever happens Monroe is about to get a little more information than the Grimm side previously knew.

One final moment of interest is Nick’s conversation with Juliette about what she remembers before heading into her coma. A few weeks back I speculated since Juliette doesn’t remember her love of Nick she can look at things objectively, and while she doesn’t remember why she was crying in front of the trailer (and Nick doesn’t really want to tell her) there are still plenty of touches that have been hit upon over the course of this season that Juliette can’t explain: Bud telling her Nick is a Grimm, the cat scratch, Nick’s odd schedule and secrecy, and, finally, the spice shop.

Juliette isn’t an idiot. At some point she’s going to start piecing together that Nick is up to some kind of extracurricular activities, and if she regains her memories a lot more will suddenly make a lot more sense to her.

Other thoughts:

  • So happy to see Rosalee again! Hopefully she’ll be back before next week’s fall finale.
  • With Rosalee’s hopefully soon return does that mean we can finally get Monroe back in the field with Nick?
  • I’m now hoping for a Renard centric episode based on the plot of The Hangover.
  • Tonight’s honorary member of Juliette’s rotating circle of gal pals is Katie Walder who is in one of my favorite indie movies: Shelter.


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I really love Hank and Nick together. They are great parnters. I use to love last season where they would look and someone and try to guess what they did, married, single and so on. It was really funny. I am glad Hank knows about Nick but we barely see Hank. More Hank and Nick working together less Captain and Juliette. Everyone is saying they are not liking this storyline and it is taking to long but the writers keep it going. I also heard there is suppose to be some wild sex scene with Juliette and someone I hope it is not the Captain. As Katherine said The Captain is barley human and Juliette is a boney/human. I don't see that as being sexy! More: Nick and Hank, Nick/Monroe and Hank, Monroe and Rosealee, Eric and Adalind. The love Adalind, Rosealee, Kelly and Angelina (hate they killed her off) they are great female characters but Juliette is awfull. Is is too bad because I liked her last season this season she is just stupid and adds nothing to the show. The Captain is a little better because they do show flashes of him being his old badass self when he is talking to the little guy with the family and the french speaking guy in France. Please stop this stupid, boring storyline writers. I wonder if the writers see that most of fans are not happy with the direction of the show. If have to wonder what the actors think? Maybe since Claire Coffee is a regular now they will bring the show back up speed. I hope so. Making us wait until March and still doing boring Juliette and Captain is going to kill this show.


I enjoyed this episode and the case, but I always liked the procedural part of Grimm. I marvel at every episode about how much better a character Hank is compared to season one - it's like night and day. I don't have a problem with the story they're trying to tell with Renard/Juliette, I'm just irritated with how long it's taking them to tell the story. It's been dragged out WAY too long at this point, and I'm hoping that the fallout of Monroe finding out will be way quicker. I'm more interested now in how Renard will handle all this - if he realizes Monroe knows Juliette, will he care that Monroe is the Grimm's wesen friend? @KansasGuest - Quantum Leap was one of my favourite shows of all time. Nice catch on the "Oh Boy!"


Juliette is freaked out because she barely knows the guy and suddenly she can't stop thinking about him. Nick is sleeping on the couch because she still doesn't feel the same connection to him that he does to her, although her feelings for him were growing before her obsession for Renard kicked in. If that hadn't happened, Nick would have probably been invited to her bed by now. Also, I think Juliette feels especially guilty because Renard is Nick's boss, and having a relationship with him could not only cause Nick a lot of pain create an impossible working situation for him, as well.


Monroe is Nick's friend but, he's also now aware (or should be, next week) that Juliet has been cursed. He knows what caused her to lose her memory, and he'll figure out that there's a bit more to her condition, now that he knows that she's the object of Renard's obsession. He'll want to help her because he IS Nick's friend. I agree, though--the secret will come out. When and how remains to be seen. I want more about the royals and their history with the Grimms. There's potential for all kinds of scheming and backbiting, if they'd unfold that part of the plot a bit faster.


I really dislike the story arc about Juliette and Renard having the chemically induced hots for each. Cure them already! That subplot is starting to set the tone for the whole show. Have Juliette get back her memory about Nick and have them make up for lost time in the bedroom. And besides, there are a lot of better ways to expand her character than drooling all over Renard. First, Nick needs to tell Juliette the complete truth and after going through an episode or two of seeing her adjust to being a part his nightmare world, have her become an active member of the team (Nick, Hank and Monroe). And throw in their wedding by the end of the spring season for good measure, with all the perils that event would surly bring about. Unfortunately, there is a completley opposite possibility. Many have probably heard about the intense sex scene that is coming up in next week's final episode of the fall season between Juliette and another actor who she wouldn't name. If it's Renard, I will be very disapointed in this show. As for Rosalee, Bree Turner who does such a good job playing that role is expecting her second child in February or March. So that's probably why she hasn't been getting much screen time lately (probably a little too soon for Rosalee and Monroe to be having a baby together).


LOL, @Kansas Guest. Until now, I didn't realize that Monroe was so popular! I think Monroe is a great character, but I don't think we necessarily need more of him. Plus I really like seeing Hank and Nick work together, now that Hank knows about Nick's secret. One character that I'm hoping we see a lot of in the upcoming episodes is Adalind. She's one of the more interesting and complex characters in Grimm and the actress who plays her does a great job.


CONTINUED FROM BELOW...cultural references and humor is more your speed. Monroe is a 40+-year-old blutbad who fixes clocks, plays the cello, practices yoga, and brews an excellent pot of tea. Stop trying to make him into angsty Angel! He's fine the way he is!


@Allie701 - You do realize that, "Ho, boy," was used as the closer in nearly every QUANTUM LEAP episode, right? Scott Bakula's Sam would utter it every time he jumped into another body and found himself in another predicament. Another good episode, unique because the case was more Hank-centric than any other previously. It also showed that Hank can acquit himself quite well against wesen, even when he can't see their "face," which would be more of a distraction than anything. Nick acted more like the sidekick, which was fine with me. I'm someone who *would* care if Hank was eliminated from the show. The title is GRIMM; not MONROE. I don't want more Monroe because he is not a professional detective, and it would be ludicrous to make him one. He's a sidekick who is more effective in small doses. If you want monster humor, you're watching the wrong show. Go and buy 7 seasons of BUFFY (of which I'm a big fan) if lightening fast quips, puns, cultural references and humor is more your speed. Monroe is a 40+-year-old blutbad who fixes clocks, plays the cello, practices yoga, and brews an excellent pot of tea. Stop trying to make him into angsty Angel! He's fine the way he is!


BTW, this was one of my favorite cases of the week, and I loved the way Hank and Nick worked together to solve it.


The Renard Juliette storyline doesn't bother me in theory, especially since Juliette finally gets a useful storyline and we get to see another side of Renard. In fact, it could have been an interesting sideplot had the actress (playing Juliette) not been so wooden in every scene. It's actually really awkward watching them together.

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