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Nick's New Deal - Grimm
Watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 1
"Thanks for the Memories"
Original Air Date:

On the Grimm season 4 premiere, Nick has to deal with the fallout of Renard's shooting while coming to grips with the loss of his Grimm abilities.

Rosalee and Monroe's Wedding
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 22
"Blond Ambition"
Original Air Date:

Monroe and Rosalee's wedding day arrives on the season 3 finale of Grimm while Adalind's actions have serious consequences.

The Portland Grimm
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 21
"The Inheritance"
Original Air Date:

Trubel finds a pair that have travelled quite a distance to see the "Portland Grimm" while Hank and Nick investigate a murder linked to Verrat on Grimm.

The Ride-a-Long
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 20
"My Fair Wesen"
Original Air Date:

Hank and Nick take Trubel along on a ride-a-long as they investigates a woman's murder on Grimm.

A Deadly Female
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 19
"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"
Original Air Date:

When a deadly female comes to town and attacks members of the Wesen community, Hank and Nick are on the case on Grimm.

Adalind's Baby
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 18
"The Law of Sacrifice"
Original Air Date:

When Prince Viktor gets a dangerous ally to help him find Adalind's child, Nick and his mother try to protect the baby.

An Unexpected Ally
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 17
Original Air Date:

Adalind and her baby get out of Europe safely thanks to an unexpected ally on Grimm.

The Carnival Life
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 16
"The Show Must Go On"
Original Air Date:

When a traveling carnival is linked to a double homicide, Rosalee and Monroe go undercover on Grimm.

An Ancient Battle
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 15
"Once We Were Gods"
Original Air Date:

The Wesen Council intervenes when Nick and Hank become involved in an ancient battle on Grimm.

A Delicate Situation
Watch Grimm Season 3 Episode 14
"Mommy Dearest"
Original Air Date:

Friends of Wu's are attacked by a monstrous predator on Grimm.

Grimm Quotes

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?

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