Castle Review: May Fortune Guide Your Journey

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There are several reasons to love Castle.

You get the detective business, but it’s lighthearted. There are jokes and romances that other cop shows lack. In reality, Castle is one of a kind. And "The Final Frontier” was another hour of television that proved why. No other series could have pulled this off.

The Team Goes Sci-fi

Supernova Con. The weekly case took place at a sci-fi/comic book convention. A woman is murdered after working to bring back a canceled show by providing fan experiences. Not only did the case bring about some funny characters, but it was the ultimate nod to Firefly. 

Spacecraft crew fighting to survive? Check. Canceled after one season? Check. Mention of Joss Whedon? Check.

This was pretty much awesome. What made it even better was Beckett’s long standing obsession with the show. Did you see the picture of her dressed up as Lt. Chloe? Hot. Speaking of hot: Hello, Alexis!

Gabriel Winters: You Are The Man. We must give a shout out to Ed Quinn, who rocked as a Nebula 9 character. He was hilarious and provided one solid one-liner after another. (Check them out in our Castle Quotes section.)

Caskett Carries On. These two characters have developed such a fun relationship. Work and play has to be the best combination. It feels natural and is seriously enjoyable to watch. Was anyone else surprised at the fact that no one mentioned their relationship, considering they just found out? A little odd.

Beckett’s request to watch a Nebula 9 marathon with Castle in exchange for dressing up in her costume was great. How could you not adore this character even more after she showed those amazing legs up to her mask? 

Andrew Marlowe, week after week you continue to make this show so much fun.

Overall, a pretty fun episode - especially if you are a fanboy/girl, costume wearing comic book geek like most of us. Check back later this week for the Castle Round Table and don’t forget to hit up the comments to let us know what you thought of “The Final Frontier.”

Until next time Castle fans, remember: May fortune guide your journey.


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Someone posted there weren't any references to firefly! Castle used the word Shiny. Nebula 9 was cancelled after one season bit/12 episodes (there were 14 of firefly but fox only aired 12). Joss Whedon was mentioned. Creavers = Reavers. And probably a few more that were hidden away. Will definitely give it another watch to find a few more easter eggs. Also Alexis, Damn!


FYI: Their camera man said Stana did NOT have a body double in the end scene. Will everyone please stop with the she's too thin, is she pregnant crap! She's a normal woman who's body fluctuates. Some of it is costume choice or camera angle. She does read some of these sites and posts, please be respectful. Don't speculate. Just enjoy her for the beautiful person that she is.


I agree with Sue Ann. Castle's face said it all as he listened to Beckett opening up to him. think its great that she is a geek to!


I'm not sure why, but I didn't like this episode so much. It seemed too ordinary (if you can believe that, with a Star Trek theme). The whole thing seemed too much like other crime shows than it did like "Castle." It would have been cute, tho, if Castle and Beckett had gone undercover in costume.


Sorry- I thought it was over the top- started out ok- with a little humor, seeing Beckett having fun, but was disappointed in the ending- thats more Castle than Beckett; the beauty of this show is that most of the time their is a balance of fun, humor,seriousness, psychological drama, thought provoking insights and questions-I just don't want the humor or the banter (like so many other shows, NCIS LA) to take over and detract from the continuous development of the characters, their credibility and the story line-(whatever it is-like finding out why Beckett's mom was killed). Well at least the Sreaming Captain isnt screaming so much.


this episode was so frackin awesome. i LMAO the entire episode. From Castle's reference to firefly with the "shiny" line to teasing Kate about her being a mega fan of the series to his reaction to seeing Alexis to the ending with Kate dressed up and scaring him with the Creavers mask. it was hilarious. fun all the way through. Love this entire season so far. So well done.


Frakes was the fan at the beginning, shirt saying "#1 Fan" from Picard's #1. RAWR!!! Loved the ending!!!


1. Doesn't matter if Stana is pregnant or not, too thin or not...why do some poeple always want to criticize a woman for her body?? She is hot and the acting was awesome...nuff said.
2. The scene with Rick and Alexis was hilarious, both when he first saw her and when they "talked" about it after...but her outfit was far more revealing than the costume Beckett wore for Castle AND Castle was asking Beckett to be dressed up in private, Alexis was in public! Never knew she even had a chest til this eopisode. I also loved that Beckett initially calmed him down - it gave validity to the relationship.
3. Loved all the references, even though I admit I didn't get them all.
This was classic FUN Castle + Caskett. Great episode.


I absolutely LOVED this episode...the only thing that wasn't there I would have liked to see were a couple references to Fillon's Firefly show. It was so much fun to watch....the end was hilarious as well...I knew Kate would don the mask of that alien and Castle's reaction made it worth the way. The way this entire crew works together makes this show one of the best if not the best show on t.v......I also would be remiss if I didn't mention the scene when Alexis walks past Castle and he stops midsentence; that was SO A FATHER'S REACTION!!


I love this show. I love how it keeps getting better and better, how getting Kate and Castle together is adding to the brilliance. I wanted it to happen, but at the time I was worried they would end up like Bones and become boring and predictable. I'm a huge sci-fi fan and this episode totally has me geeking out. I loved it, it was brilliant! One commenter mentioned a Farscape reference: I must have missed it. What was it?

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