Castle Review: Shhh! Someone Knows

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Well... that was fun! In typical Castle fashion, "Secret's Safe With Me” provided us viewers with a light-hearted and enjoyable hour. Let’s talk about it...

Eye I See You! The weekly case followed the death of a brother and sister pair who had been trying to purchase a storage unit to track down information on the murderer of their parents. Twists and turns led us to Storage War type bidders, as well as rich socialites and criminals.

Never did I think that a prosthetic eye would be the answer to the case. Kind of gross, kind of fun. Basically, Castle perfection. Besides, how could you not love the auction scene?

Castle at an Auction

All Children Grow Up. Alexis finally made the big move to her first dorm room. First, can we acknowledge the fact that her dorm was nicer than most college apartments? Seriously, why did I not have a dorm that looked like that? Secondly, who else teared up at the goodbye scene between the father/daughter duo? I know I wasn’t alone. 

Castle has always been a great father to Alexis. Even in his funny and immature moments, he has always been there for his daughter. Although we are not treated to too many important scenes between the pair, they have always been enjoyable. Maybe now that Alexis is not living at home, these moments between will carry more of an impact. 

“I Saw The Poor Girl Hiding.” It looks like the cat is out of the bag! With a few people at least. Martha told Castle she knows about him and Beckett and that it is time to tell Alexis. How cute was it that Beckett cared what Alexis thought? These two are becoming so mature! 

Who will be next? My guess is on Lanie. It will give the two girls some time to have a friendly moment. What do you think? Javi or Ryan? How will Gates take it?

Speaking of Gates, how excited was she for that creepy doll? Who knew that the tough woman would be such a softy for a porcelain doll?

The World's Best Handshake. Caskett continued to rock every scene they share together now as a couple. The two have such a natural chemistry that has always radiated across the screen. But now that they are in a relationship, it feels even hotter. You have to love the exchanges and tension between them while they are in public. To keep the arc interesting, the other detectives need to find out. I can only imagine the ridicule that Javi and Kevin will give Castle. It is going to make for some hilarious scenes.

Seriously though, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic rocked in “Secret’s Safe WIth Me.” Keep it up, guys, it’s the best part about Monday nights.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy the episode or did it fall flat after last week’s “Cloudy With A Chance of Murder.” Hit the comments and let us know. Don’t forget to check out the Castle quotes page and the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week.

Until next week, Castle fans.


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WOW!!! This episode was loaded...SOO MANY LAYERS TO SEASON 5 :) :) :) CASTLE writers you are WICKED AWESOME! As a viewer you have given me the "tip of the icebergs" for Season 5. Every situation in our kingdom has been addressed with a "to be continued"... Suspense, drama, COMEDY, romance, murder - Castle fulfilling one of his deepest desires: "THE BUTLER DID IT...!" said he...while Beckett looked on lovingly...nah, looked on" adoringly while drooling" sounds truer ;) WOW!!! Loved every second of this episode. Editors - four star rating??? No way :( -seriously.
*SPOILER ALERT*...Mother-in-law homicide in the future??? The very near future??? Have the writers done a great job misdirecting us? I could have sworn Martha was going to be the COOLEST, MOST LOVING mother-in-law - & right now she is soooo DARK & SNEAKY. Hopefully I am wrong.
To our beloved cast & crew -THANK YOU for the most romantic, heart melting & funny "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S JUST A HANDSHAKE" CASKETT are #1...seriously :)


This show just keeps getting better and better. I agree with Lisa, I'll shake Castle's hand anytime. That scene was hotter than 99% of all the rolling around in the sheets we see all the time. I knew all along Martha was wise to what was happening, she misses nothing. I hope everyone else doesn't find out at the same time... the tension is one fun part of the show so let's drag it out awhile.


Oh my God, the handshake kiss was the best part of the show. Made me want to go out and shake hands! :) Great episode and just simply great show!

Sue ann

Lanie and Espo are no longer dating, but there is still the occasional "booty" call. Lanie said so. In just which episode, I forget. But it as after they broke up.


A couple of observations: 1) The 'handshake kiss' -- the best thing about this episode -- was a callback from S4's "An Embarrassment of Bitches" (the best thing about THAT episode). Marlowe and Co. are so fan-centric...and it's gratifying to know that my devotion to Monday nights aren't lost on the people producing the show. GREAT Easter egg! 2) Someone asked "Who watches the show for the cases? I do. Prior to them both admitting their feelings, solving cases together was their equivalent of intercourse. Aside from that, they're pretty offbeat premises, so I'm interested in the crime. I'll say this: either I'm getting smarter, or the writers are making it easier for me to figure out who the killers are, so they can evolve the relationships each episode.


I thought it was strange that Beckett was worried about Alexis telling Lanie because Lanie would tell Espasito, who would tell Ryan. Are Lanie and Espasito still dating...I thought things had ended between them.


I realy enjoyed the show this week, the writing was very good. I loved the hand shake between them there own litte private secret (BIG SMILE). Martha was so good and so fun to watch and the look on Castle face when she was like yup saw her in the closet very funny.So much enjoyed watching Alex say "Dad just one more time" he checks under the bed, that was so great.
SO it will be interesting to see who else figures there "Dateing".
Thought the doll thing with the Captin was priceless not only funny but creepy to, I know it made be laugh,- oh so close for her (captin) to like Castle... even though it was for a moment very funny.
I enjoyed also seeing them in sink again going back and forth working on a case they where perfect again going back and forth trying to figure it out. Looking so forward to next Monday


i loved it!!! i cried when rick was saying bye to alexis too. made me reember moving out and realizing that my parents werent gonna be there when i woke up anymore. haha castle smashed her dolls, abd hed better find her some replacememnts for them fast! but i actually liked seeing happy gates. she looked so soft, it was an amazing change. even if it didnt last long haha. i thought the whole thing between castle and beckeet was really cute kinda hiding it and wanting to act on it but now. kinda reminded me of high school when you dont want your friends to now yet and its exciting. i dont give it much longer though before kate tells lanie. awesome episode!


The fun level was definitely up like the first season! The previews about them trying to get away look great, too!


im also british and yes it was awesome it really did have everything it takes you to a special place even if its just for a hour..

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