Castle Review: Shhh! Someone Knows

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Well... that was fun! In typical Castle fashion, "Secret's Safe With Me” provided us viewers with a light-hearted and enjoyable hour. Let’s talk about it...

Eye I See You! The weekly case followed the death of a brother and sister pair who had been trying to purchase a storage unit to track down information on the murderer of their parents. Twists and turns led us to Storage War type bidders, as well as rich socialites and criminals.

Never did I think that a prosthetic eye would be the answer to the case. Kind of gross, kind of fun. Basically, Castle perfection. Besides, how could you not love the auction scene?

Castle at an Auction

All Children Grow Up. Alexis finally made the big move to her first dorm room. First, can we acknowledge the fact that her dorm was nicer than most college apartments? Seriously, why did I not have a dorm that looked like that? Secondly, who else teared up at the goodbye scene between the father/daughter duo? I know I wasn’t alone. 

Castle has always been a great father to Alexis. Even in his funny and immature moments, he has always been there for his daughter. Although we are not treated to too many important scenes between the pair, they have always been enjoyable. Maybe now that Alexis is not living at home, these moments between will carry more of an impact. 

“I Saw The Poor Girl Hiding.” It looks like the cat is out of the bag! With a few people at least. Martha told Castle she knows about him and Beckett and that it is time to tell Alexis. How cute was it that Beckett cared what Alexis thought? These two are becoming so mature! 

Who will be next? My guess is on Lanie. It will give the two girls some time to have a friendly moment. What do you think? Javi or Ryan? How will Gates take it?

Speaking of Gates, how excited was she for that creepy doll? Who knew that the tough woman would be such a softy for a porcelain doll?

The World's Best Handshake. Caskett continued to rock every scene they share together now as a couple. The two have such a natural chemistry that has always radiated across the screen. But now that they are in a relationship, it feels even hotter. You have to love the exchanges and tension between them while they are in public. To keep the arc interesting, the other detectives need to find out. I can only imagine the ridicule that Javi and Kevin will give Castle. It is going to make for some hilarious scenes.

Seriously though, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic rocked in “Secret’s Safe WIth Me.” Keep it up, guys, it’s the best part about Monday nights.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy the episode or did it fall flat after last week’s “Cloudy With A Chance of Murder.” Hit the comments and let us know. Don’t forget to check out the Castle quotes page and the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week.

Until next week, Castle fans.


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when javi and ryan find out about castle and beckett's relationship, i think they should be like pheobe and rachel from Friends and keep pretending not to know while messing with them


Never liked Stana's hair short and dark. Lighter hair looks more natural and more like the girl next door. But she is a beautiful gal.


Beckett and Castle are wonderful to watch! Their facial expressions are pricless! I agree - the "handshake" was fantastic - I rewound it several times! I love this show and love that these two are now sharing a relationship.


Castle is like 100x better now that they're together.


The hair doesn't really matter, she is beautiful however she has it. I mostly agree with 'grey' about the rest of the gang already on to them. Except for Gates, but even she may know and just ignores it because she knows the precinct needs Beckett! Certainly, she already knows how well they work together and that both Kate and Castle need that in their lives. I think Lanie gave us a hint that she knew when she pointed to both of them when confronting them about 'the glow'. They all know she has a boyfriend now, and they all know how much Castle adores her, so how could they not see that Castle is not brokenhearted over it? His willingness to accept it so easily is a dead giveaway to me! I think they are just stepping back quietly to allow them to carry on their facade! It allows them to tease them a bit more. Ryan has to know already! When he brought Kate safely to the rooftop, her only statement was, "Castle?" And this was shortly after Kate had proclaimed that Castle was 'off the team'. Next day he catches Castle in her apartment! The man is a detective for crying out loud! I like thinking (because I know I could well be wrong!) that Lanie, Javy and Kevin all realize that they are finally together and they already know that they should be together. No way are any of them going to want to be the one that ultimately breaks up their work partnership! These writers are the best, and they will figure out how to keep them working together as that is the basis of the show! Can hardly wait for Monday night in the Hamptons!


The 'hair' thing. Ladies...really? We have a 21st-century female character who still has to worry about what she wears on her first day back to work. Geez, I really thought we were past this. Then again, I thought racism would be history by now too. Foolish me...


I loved this ep, and yes, the handshake was EPIC and should go down in TV history as the sexiest handshake ever!
I wasn't so thrilled with Alexis being such a brat at first to Castle about his relationship with Beckett...she is usually more mature than that.
And I thought the whole thing with Gates and her creepy dolls was hilarious, because you just knew they were going to get broken. I think it was funny, too, that she read his book and wanted him to sign it. Also, I am not at all surprised that Martha knew, because she knows her son better than anyone, so she'd recognize his change in behavior. I agree with Linda that the banner photo should change to Stana with long hair, as that is the way she's had it for a long time now, and it suits her better than short hair


Great episode. And yes, I did tear up at the dorm scene. I disagree about Gates' role in the show. She adds just enough tension to give the show balance. And seriously, somebody needs to be questioning the unusual partnership! It would just be too far-fetched otherwise. Best. Handshake. Ever. That scene should go down in TV history. Nicely done. However, I can't wait for the Hamptons episode when they finally get some privacy. One last note; I disagree with Linda. I actually like Stana better with the shorter, darker hair. She looked so sassy! I know that if I'm not totally alone in my opinion it's a very small minority one. I just think the long honey hair is so phoney and un-cop like.


I agree with the comment that Gates cculd be written out and no one would notice or care. Great writing and acting on this show. Gates sucks!!! Totally unbelievable...someone that obnoxious would never be elevated to a position of authority unless there is some sort of quota.
Kate's sly little sideways looks are great. Loved the "tool" scene. Glad to see the boys back together.


Absolutely love the s how!!..great way to spend monday nights.......the chemistry between Castle and Becket is obvious and makes for a fabulously entertain ing show...please keep up their fun interaction!!!!!

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