Castle Round Table: "Secret's Safe With Me"

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"Secret's Safe With Me" featured Beckett freaking out that Castle's family knew their secret but somehow; that and a grisly murder led to one of the sexiest handshakes on television.

Come along now as TV Fanatic staffers Carla Day, Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Jim Garner are joined by Castle fan RG from The 12th Fan Forum and join in as they debate emotional moments and reveal who remembers The Wonder Twins.


What was your favorite scene?
RG: If I have to come up with only one, it would be the scene with Alexis in her dorm room. It seemed the culmination of all the father/daughter scenes since the pilot and was very loving as he looked under the bed one last time. A very close second? The handshake scene!

Carla: When Beckett explained what the person figurine in her desk was all about. It was a touching story about Beckett's parents. She would never have revealed that much about herself before. It showed how much she trusts him and loves him.

Chandel: Probably Castle telling Beckett that he read the other bidder's tells at the storage auction, until she called him out. It was a cute moment.

Christine: I have to go with the handshake scene.  It has to be the best kiss without a kiss scene I've ever scene.  Castle and Beckett just have to look at one another and they exude chemistry.

Jim: I loved watching Rick bidding at the auction. Remind me not to play poker with him.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Has Gates softened with Castle or is the deep freeze back once again?
RG: Somewhat and somewhat. Despite his destroying her creepy dolls, she still knows he is not the dilettante writer she thought he was at first; he has proven his worth to the department, plus she did read his book and enjoyed it very much. However, he did destroy her dolls and did so in a cavalier way that she distrusts. Remember she is still a ‘by the book, stay within the lines’ officer and he went way outside the lines when he broke her dolls without a qualm.

Carla: She only temporarily thawed on her dislike of Castle. It's back to the deep freeze now. At least, I hope so. Her fawning over Castle was freaking me out!

Chandel: I think she's softened to Castle overall, but there is definitely going to be a deep freeze until those dolls are either replaced or she chooses to look past the incident. Good luck with that, Castle.

Christine: Sometimes in his exuberance Castle does stupid things. This was one of those times. He better be calling doll collectors and searching ebay to replace those if he knows what's good for him.

Jim: Yeah, she's softening. And I agree with Chandel, replacing the dolls will bring her back out of the deep freeze.

Do you know who the Wonder Twins are?
RG: Do I know who the Wonder Twins are? Hey, I’m a guy! Of course... okay, I had no idea and had to look them up online.

Carla: Yes, but mostly because two of my co-workers at a previous job called themselves that.

Chandel: No, I did not and I still don't.

Christine: Am I really the only one who remembers "Wonder Twin powers, Activate!" My husband and I still occasionally say that line and bump our rings together as though we can turn into something awesome and fix all problems. No one else remembers? I think I'm as depressed as Castle.

Jim: Uh... Duh! I'm more disappointed Rick didn't mention Gleek.

Most emotional moment? Castle and Beckett's secret handshake, Castle leaving Alexis at college or Kate explaining the meaning behind her stickman?
RG: The handshake - although highly satisfying to an incurable romantic like me - has to come second to the stickman. It was a mirror scene to Kate explaining ‘Temptation Lane’ and its significance to her in Castle Season 3... but with a big difference, as there is a lot of hope in Kate now where there wasn’t much before. This is one of the happy changes of her now being with Rick.

Carla: Wow. That's a tough call. Since I already talked about my love of the stickman story, I'll go with Castle leaving Alexis at college. They are by far the best Father-Daughter relationship on television. Is that kind of relationship and nearly perfect father and daughter realistic? Probably not, but I adore them.

Chandel: Secret handshake really got me, but then again I did tear up a little bit at Castle leaving Alexis at college, probably because it hasn't been that long since I was the one being left at college and I identified with the moment.

Christine: For me it was Castle dropping Alexis off at college. I actually teared up. I kept picturing what that moment will be like with my daughter and she's only 3!

Jim: Watching Alexis and Ricks goodbye had me in tears. Reminded me of the goodbye I had with my mom when I joined the USAF. Miss you, mom!

Who will figure out Castle and Beckett are together first? Ryan or Esposito?
RG: My guess is Ryan. He is still in a ‘honeymoon’ phase with Jenny and the looks that Rick and Kate give each other as well as their body language will give them away. Compare how closely they sat together in front of the murder board last week with how much farther apart they sat the seasons before. Little things like that will give them away.

Carla: I actually think they already know, but are respecting the couple and not saying anything. They are detectives and working in close proximity to each other. How can they not have noticed the almost-kiss? Or, the most passionate handshake in the history of the world? As much as Castle and Beckett believe they are acting the same, they so are not.

Chandel: Like Beckett said, there's a distinct chance that the domino effect she described of people finding out will transpire, except I think Alexis won't have anything to do with it, and it will start with Lanie, who will tell Esposito.

Christine: I used to think that Esposito would get it first but now I say Ryan. He's noticed the looks and the closeness and the fact that whenever they're interrupted they both say it was nothing. They never used to give the same answer to that question. But I actually think Carla's got it right. I think they already know.

Jim: Both. Unlike Rick and Kate, the guys don't keep secrets from each other.

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