Switched at Birth Review: Family Portrait

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This week's Switched at Birth gave us a well-rounded look at the families we've grown to know and care about.

In "Protect Me From What I Want," each member had a storyline that reflected what was most important to him/her. Emmett's homework assignment to do a family portrait actually alluded to a lot more than just a photo.

For Emmett, the most important thing right now is love. We found this out when he accidentally dropped the L-bomb on Bay. I like how she realized she was almost being selfish and obsessive and quickly put her boyfriend's needs first. Divorce isn't easy on anyone and I can see how it would make Emmett fearful.

Say Cheese, Please

At first I was annoyed that Emmett and Bay were fighting again; after all ,Ty is so passe he's on another show already. How healthy is it to discuss exes anyway? Whatever your opinion, apparently it wasn't even Ty that Emmett was upset about. He's afraid of Bay and him falling out of love. Why don't they just enjoy each other and live in the moment? I know, it's easier said than done.

If that's what is important for Emmett right now, Bay's focus is on her boyfriend and her art. I think the art dealer Patrick was more interested in getting into Regina's pants than getting anyone into his show. Not that I know anything about art, but I felt like Regina's piece was really powerful.

Bay shouldn't get so upset that Patrick said she was still young and needed to grow. She is only 16 and already so talented! She isn't a rip-off Banksy. There were plenty of anonymous street artists before him and there will be plenty after. Bay should just keep focusing on doing what she loves and having it mean something to her.

The bottom line with this whole story is that Regina only wanted to do this for Bay. Regina's priority is also her family. She wanted to make up with Adrianna and help Bay get recognized for her art. What's a date to her anyway? She's still in love with Angelo! Regina really was trying to do a nice thing for her daughter.

The mothers were in good spirits this week, trying to be involved in their daughters lives in a positive way. I'm glad Kathryn warmed up to Emmett. And, damn, it would be nice to have the metabolism of a 17-year old boy! She just didn't need to bring up Ty; it was unnecessary.

I wasn't happy about how much Simone was around this week. She is such a wannabe Regina George from Mean Girls and, to quote the bitchy queen bee, "it's not going to happen!" Bay's story about Alicia sounded like the work of an immature eighth grader and I've heard worse. Unfortunately, Simone still seems to be the conniving pre-teen she once was.

Daphne has never been anything but nice to the people at Buckner. Simone is a snob who is used to controlling the world, as we saw when she tried to mold Toby into her grow-a-boyfriend. Bay said it best when she told Daphne that "Simone Sinclair is not someone you want as an enemy, but she's not someone you want as a friend either." She is bad news and I'm glad Daphne whooped her butt on the court.

Toby almost got a storyline here, but it wasn't all that interesting. John is being a typical dad who wants to push his kid into something he loves. Toby adores his music, John will just have to adjust. Nothing about this plot felt strong or moving, it kind of felt like a filler.

Aside from the Toby/John storyline, I liked how we got to see a little bit of everyone's lives this week. What about you? Do you think Emmett and Bay can endure future challenges? Will Simone go after Daphne? Hit the comments!

Protect Me From What I Want Review

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