Emmett: Can you find someone else on the planet to be your girlfriend besides my ex girlfriend?
Travis: You can't have a claim on her forever.

How is this going to work? How am I going to date a guy my parents hate?


Tank we both made mistakes, it doesn't mean our lives are over.


Kathryn: How were we supposed to know? It's not like we run background checks on all her boyfriends.
John: Well, we have to start.

Do you think it's OK that I brought wine? I didn't want to come empty handed, but I don't want your parents to think I'm a booze hound or something.


Travis: Hey. Can we talk?
Bay: I don't know if I can. I'm too weak and vulnerable to speak for myself.
Travis: I shouldn't have freaked out like that. I know you don't need protecting. I just hate seeing people make judgements about you because of what happened with Tank.
Bay: I hate it too, but I'm dealing with it.
Travis: Good. I just... I get what you're going through.
Bay: No you don't. Everyone thinks they get it, but they don't.
Travis: I do.
Bay: What do you mean?
Travis: Something happened to me. It was a family friend. A long time ago.
Bay: Travis. I'm so sorry.
Travis: It happens to a lot of deaf kids. He thought I wouldn't tell anyone. And I didn't.
Bay: How old were you?
Travis: Twelve. They were visiting for Christmas.
Bay: And you never told Mary Beth?
Travis: [shaking his head no] I didn't know what she would think of me. And when it happened to you, it brought up some stuff I hadn't thought about in a long time.
Bay: I'm really glad you told me.
Travis: Me, too.
Bay: And I don't think any differently of you.
Travis: Thanks. [Bay gives him a hug]

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Mingo: [after hearing about what's going on with Toby] Wow that's so heavy.
Daphne: Yeah, it's a lot.
Mingo: Happened to my aunt and uncle too, but um, you know.
Daphne: Well that's what most people do these days.
Mingo: Yeah. It makes sense.
Daphne: I don't think that's the obvious thing to do. Is that what you're saying?
Mingo: I am saying, that kid would have a really hard life. I think we can agree on that.
Daphne: No.
Mingo: You're not willing to admit that a family with a down syndrome kid would have a tougher life than other families?
Daphne: I think it requires more adjustments. Maybe even sacrifice, but I am sure that they have as much love and affection and happiness as any other family.
Mingo: OK.
Daphne: Do you think that my life is harder than a hearing person?
Mingo: Well, yeah.
Daphne: But you're wrong, it isn't.
Mingo: You said yourself that's maybe why you got a D in chemistry.
Daphne: I was just having a moment of weakness.
Mingo: Daphne, of course it is harder. I mean you can't hear music.
Daphne: Of course I can, in my own way.
Mingo: You can't go places where it's dark because you have to read lips.
Daphne: So I go where it's light or go with people who can sign.
Mingo: But it's harder.
Daphne: No, it isn't!

Lily: [at Toby's apartment] We need to talk.
Toby: I don't have anything to say. [Lily walks past Toby into his apartment] Made it pretty clear you think you're too good for me.
Lily: I'm pregnant.
Toby: Are you sure?
Lily: Of course I'm sure. Do you think I'm making this up?
Toby: Well, is it mine?
Lily: Yes it's yours.
Toby: How is that such a terrible thing to ask? You said you were into somebody else!
Lily: I said I was confused. I also said that nothing happened with him. I was faithful to you, I was honest with you all along. I didn't do anything wrong.

Lily: I'm pregnant.
Daphne: Are you sure?
Lily: And I don't know how it happened because we're really careful.
Daphne: Is it Toby's?
Lily: Of course.
Daphne: I'm sorry. He told me that you said you had feelings for some other guy.
Lily: Yeah, but nothing happened with him which I told Toby. It was just stupid infatuation which I should have kept to myself and now Toby hates me.
Daphne: Does he know?
Lily: No one knows. I just moved here a year ago. I don't know that many people. My parents are 5000 miles away and would not understand. You can't tell Melody or Bay or anyone.

Regina: So, uh, hun you remember the other day, before we were interrupted, you were saying something about your mom? Did you mean that she's alive in your heart or in heaven? Cause I know how hard it can be when someone you love dies.
Will: I meant she's alive in Georgia, but I'm not supposed to talk about it.
Regina: Are you sure?
Will: She's working at a car shop back where we used to live in Atlanta. Her name is Hope Paxton. I found her on the internet right away, I still haven't emailed her yet. [leaning in and whispering] Paxton is her old last name.
Regina: What do you mean old last name? [Eric comes in and interrupts them]

John: Sounds like you're in love.
Regina: Yeah, I actually told him that for the first time today. And he didn't say it back.
John: Yikes. Well, look, those are big words for a guy, you know.
Regina: But it's not a good sign, right?
John: I hate to say it, but no, probably not.

Mary Beth: I can't do this anymore.
Travis: What do you mean?
Mary Beth: I've worked really hard to be the kind of person who's not needy and insecure, but this relationship is turning me into someone I don't want to be.
Travis: Okay. I'll stop having out with those guys so much.
Mary Beth: You're a Freshman in college. You should be able to hang out with whoever you want. Date whoever you want.
Travis: But I want to date you.
Mary Beth: You're the first person I ever fell in love with. The first person I ever though about a future with. I lost my virginity to you. I learned a new language for you. I will always love you, but this relationship isn't right for me anymore.

Switched at Birth Quotes

Because that's the thing, the day before your life changes forever, it's just like any other day.


Daphne: I didn't know you liked horror movies.
Kathryn: I haven't seen one since I was your age. Amityville Horror and it wasn't nearly as scary as the boy I saw it with.