Castle Review: An Epidemic of Evil?

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Okay, let me take a moment to catch my breath... Wow.

The standard and quirky Castle episodes to which we are usually privy are always enjoyable and fun. The annual two-parter, though? Heart-pumping.

The series has done it again. The fourth season’s double episode event started with “Pandora” and, simply put, it rocked. This was an episode that kept you on your toes and was every bit of amazing.  Being that this is a to be continued, let’s talk about what we learned so far.

Jennifer Beals on Castle

Castle’s First. Cue the awkwardness and cue annoyed Beckett. Guest star Jennifer Beals started her arc as CIA Agent Sophia Turner here. Castle had previously based a character on her for his Derrick Storm novels and Kate is not loving that idea. 

Turns out our mystery writer spent a year with Sophia and it seems like things could have been a little bit more than professional. Let it be said, Alex Owens Beals looks amazing and could totally stick rock her iconic Flashdance wardrobe. Turner is a nice change to the previous two-parter guest stars, played in the past by Dana Delany and Adrian Pasdar.

Reporting for duty. Rick Castle is no longer the only member of his family working with the detectives. Alexis is now interning for Lanie, giving her character a better reason to be on the show. Kudos to the writers for finding an arc for Alexis that works.

Going Rogue. Another veteran actor is gracing our screens for this special event. David Chisum is appearing as our rogue agent, Thomas Gage. His performance for Part One was intense and awesome. Can’t wait to see the second half.

Special Assignment. So the case is a twisty one. Let’s run it down: Three victims by Gage, a chance of National Security Crisis, and Beckett and Castle on their way into the water. 

Choosing Teams. Kate Beckett is jealous. She may not admit it out loud, but we know the truth. Beckett’s questions to Castle about his relationship with Sophia are a tell tale sign. Castle reassures her that she “is his partner.” Too cute. 

After Thoughts:

  • Castle was not the only one amazed by the CIA technology. It was pretty cool, I must also admit.
  • Hopefully Ryan, Espo, and even Gates play a larger role in the second half.
  • “Pandora” is an economic crisis that could destroy our country. What is the domino that will set it off?
Great hour of television. Enough said. Castle continued its streak of amazing double episodes and I'm willing to bet that the second half will be nothing short of the same. 
What did you think?? Is the first half of Season 4’s two parter as good as previous seasons? What do you think will set the crisis off? Who will save Beckett and Castle from the water? Is Alexis working with Lanie a risk?

Don’t forget to check back for the official Round Table later in the week, as Castle returns next Monday with "Linchpin," the finale of what is already a tremendous installment.

Pandora Review

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