CSI Review: "Cold-Blooded"

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Last week’s episode was a huge step towards the classic CSI we've all enjoyed for so many years. Thankfully, "Cold-Blooded" actually continued this trend of better writing.

We met Frankie Reed on the episode, portrayed by the ever-amazing Katee Sackhoff. I have to give credit where it is due: Sackhoff has good experience playing a quick-tempered, action-oriented female character and she was an awesome choice for Detective Starbu... err... Detective Reed.

Katee Sackhoff on CSI

Sackhoff was announced as a recurring character two weeks ago, and I would love to see her become a series regular, or at least shown more often than Bomb Technician Kacey Monohan, who has been in a total of one episode after also being announced as “recurring.”

The CSI production does a great job with its casting, I'm just not sure why they would under-utilize talent such as Sienna Guillory and Sackhoff.

This week, we saw the return to a dual storyline. We have not really gotten much of these lately and it was like slipping on your favorite pair of PJs, comfortable and familiar.

Both stories were well within the realm of possible. That being said, one was much better than the other. Carly Beck getting closure after five years of her daughter being dead but not having recovered her body was very moving.

The other plot was doing okay until the very end, when the victim’s girlfriend and friend decide to dump him in the desert because they were worried about having broken into the show. Would anyone do this? I know I would be dialing 911 even if I had broken into a stage show after hours.

One of the best parts of this episode was Hodges playing with the raptors from the Walking with Dinosaurs show. He had such a child like innocence about him, one we rarely see. I'll remember the image of him and the Raptor posing for the pictures he was taking himself for a long time. It was just that much fun.

I really hope that the last two episodes are an indication of what's to come. Part of why they have taken to using gimmicks such as sharks in pools and ding-bats in pleather suits has to do with the loss of cast members. With talent such as Grissom and Warrick gone, the show seems to have gotten a bit stale. Hopefully, Sackhoff and Guillory can help change all that.

** I want to say a big thank you to special guest reviewer Alithea for filling in for me last week while I was getting my geek on at BlizzCon 2010.

Cold-Blooded Review

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