Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Review: "A" Strikes, Hits and Runs!

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She knew too much.
- A on Hanna

WOW. What a way for Pretty Little Liars to close out its summer season! In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, Shay Mitchell said that viewers would fall out of their seats by the conclusion of "Keep Your Friends Close." Did you find yourself on the floor by hour's end?

Before we get to the dramatic events of the last few minutes, let's take a moment to feel sorry for Toby. Granted, he may be less misunderstood if he didn't get mysterious tattoos and if he smiled more often - but, still, he doesn't deserve the fate that seems to have befallen him.

Did Emily really turn him in? Ironically, it may have been her dad's advice about honesty that made her feel obligated to alert the law to Toby's whereabouts. Let's hope this character is given a chance to prove himself next year.

Scavenger Hunting

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Let's also hope Hanna is simply alive! It would be a major step for the show to kill off one of its core four, and with Hanna's mom getting a new, devious storyline, it's very safe to assume that her daughter will make it through the hit-and-run.

But will she do so as a changed, timid shell of her former self? Or as a hardened, vengeful survivor more dedicated than ever to justice?

In many ways, Hanna has also taken the place of Alison as the member of the group privy to everyone else's secrets. She knows about Emily and Mya and, now, about Aria and Ezra. Are you happy to see these two back together?

We gotta hand it to Ezra for finally growing a spine, acting his age and telling Aria how he feels. This pair can be somewhat boring together, but that make out session was simply H-A-W-T! Just keep them together now, writers, and end all the back-and-forth.

As we bid farewell to Pretty Little Liars until early 2011, we're left with the following questions:
  • Is Ian really A?
  • If so, is he acting alone? I've got a sneaking suspicion about Noel, as that guy has almost seemed too nice so far.
  • For how long will Melissa and Spencer's truce last? Will she ever find out about her sister's spit swapping with Ian?
  • Could Mona be more of a bitch?!?
  • Does Spencer count the number of steps between every destination?
  • Will the FBI remain a factor?

So many questions and, sadly, so long to think about them. We invite readers to debate the show in our Pretty Little Liars forum and continue to visit TV Fanatic over the next few months for more interviews, news and spoilers.



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Hm, at first I thought the other guy might be the Hermie guy, wouldn't even think of Ian. I can't stand Allison, she's such a sneaky bitch about everything--she may be fun to hang out with, like guilty pleasure, but she's a really sucky friend. Glad we finally found out what "A" stands for at least. Can't wait to get to episode 11.


How could emily rat toby out i think thats a little rude :(


Well i believe that "a" could be ian or mona. In the book it was mona but i doubt it is in the series. It is really confusing but i love it hannah will survive they can't just kill her off. melissa could be "a" you know thats a good point? but how did him and ali meet or whatever the case i cannot wait for the next season. I didn't read the books but i wish i did cause im a little confused on somethings :/


well actually emily did turn toby in and hanna's not dead she will juss be in a coma and ali will come to see her ali is really alive she had a twin named courtney who tried to take over her life but ali killed her and everyone thought ali was courtney and courtney was ali and ali's family will move and never be heard from again after ali came back and tried to kill the girls and she will try to frame everything on this man named billy ford... gah lee u people are pethetic get on with ur lives knoe that u knoe what will happen sorry i HAD TO DO IT I HAD TO TELL THE STORY :) but dont be sad another season is comming out pretty soon oh and mona and jenna and ian die ali kills them


somy bet on whose A is ..... Spencer sisters! she might follow ian that night and found out about their relationship?! any one?!!!! plus she did say something bad about allison about how she got killed becouse she knows to many secrete.. any one with me??


Aria and Ezra = Booooooring. Like unbelievably boring. Yak. And since when did it become accepted that a high school student would be screwing around with her teacher? I think the show accepts that waaaaay too much. Not feeling the chemistry there.
Spencer and Wren on the other hand were AWESOME! Bring back Wren. He's super cute and I love him with Spencer :D
Hanna rocks full stop. She's like the best friend everyone wishes they had. Hope she's okay when the next episodes show!


AGAIN FYI All abouth you read hire about hi is --A its not true, its not the same from the Show and yes the books ware popular before the show at least where I live.
The show has the same STORYLINE like the books but some key moments are change as the characters.

Matt richenthal

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To those people who posted who A is , thank you! Coz if that's true you just ruined the whole show for the rest of us who didn't read the books! You could have at least said "if u dont wanna know who A is dont read on!" its called common courtesy! And another thing these books were not even that popular b4 the tv show so not many people have read them so just think b4 you post something up that ruins the whole series for most people. PS TO THOSE WHO DONT WANNA KNOW WHO A IS DONT READ THE REST OF THESE COMMENTS! IF WHAT THE OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING IS TRUE, YOU'LL GET THE WHOLE SHOW RUINED FOR YOU!



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